Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pumpkinfest 2015

     Today, we went to PumpkinFest in Battersea, Ontario.
Cookie decorating, face painting, balloons, animals, pony AND train rides  = toddler heaven.

    We went with Kaelynn's best friend and her amazing mom. Harlow slept basically the whole time in the Ergo.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

One month doctor visit

   Last week Harlow had her 6 week appointment at the Doctors. Her health was perfect and the resident doctor loved her.
She has(d) a diaper rash and I'm attributing it to a sensitivity to Kirkland wipes. I used cloths on her behind and slathered her in zinc cream. It's clearing up nicely.
     Harlow might be getting teeth. The other day I noticed white buds. I can also feel bumps when I run my finger through her mouth. We'll see when they actually pop through.

     Since getting the ties released, she seems to generally be happier.
I think she's fitting in well.

Weight: 10.35lbs (+~2lbs)
Length: 21.85in (+~1.5")

Friday, July 24, 2015

Grows and Gains

I'm feeling all kinds of mommy guilt.
I went back in my blog to read about Kaelynn's first month, because Harlow's a month today.
Kaelynn was having weekly weigh ins from birth and just regained birth weight at a month and a half. At 1 month, she was 6lbs 9oz (7lbs 4oz at birth).
Due to her ties and my hormonal issues (PCOS), she just wasn't gaining fast enough. I didn't know what we could do to fix her. The lactation consultant we had, gave me bad information (same one for Harlow too).
I showed Jake the side by side of Harlow and he said "she looks good, she was too skinny".
I look at Kaelynn's pics and she was too skinny.
The things we know now. If I could, I would go back and fix Kaelynn's mouth too. Obviously, she's fine now..but that would explain why she never slept, constantly nursing and was only semi happy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jack Newman Breastfeeding Clinic

     Early last Thursday, we dropped Kaelynn off at my moms and headed towards Toronto. We were going to The Newman International Breastfeeding Clinic.
     Harlow was born with a lip and tongue tie that was causing pain and feeding issues. It needed to be corrected. With the help of people close to us, we were able to raise funds to make the trip.
     At the clinic, they assessed her and myself. It was determined that she did have ties and we weren't crazy. It was a simple procedure to get them releases though.

     Everything worked out and instantly nursing was pain free. I was given instructions on how to do stretches to help them not reattach & a recommendation for herbs for me to take. So far, I think the Motherlove MORE MILK PLUS is helping.

    We have a follow-up appointment this Thursday to check her mouth out again and make sure everything is how it should be. Here's hoping gas isn't extreme and PAN AM traffic is manageable.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


     Welcome to the birth story post.
     Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 at 1:09pm, we welcomed Harlow Grace into the world: 20 inches long, 8lbs 1oz, and a whole head of hair.

     Sunday night, we go to Labour and Delivery because I'm feeling weird and contractions every 4-10 mins. I was told not to chance it, so we went early. I was 5cm dilated and told to walk around for an hour. No change, so sent home.
     Monday, I had a stretch & sweep. I guess it got everything going.
     Tuesday, cramping and pain. Went to Labour and Delivery again. Sent home again as there was no change.
     Wednesday, up all night with contractions. Around 3am, we went because I was about 5 mins apart. They check and I am 6cm dilated. I get to stay and wait it out. It was a busy day.
No change after hours of waiting, except my contractions have stopped.
Around 11am, they break my water.
Harlow arrived around 1:09pm.
Believe me when I say that I prefer butt babies over head babies.
     We had to wait in our birthing room until almost 6pm for them to find us a room. It was so busy that I got a semi-private room for free.

     Everything is perfect about her, even if we have to keep an eye on her for jaundice & she has a bad lip tie (that we're getting fixed).

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What's been going on..

     This Thursday, I am 39 weeks.
I am currently blogging from the bath tub due to contractions.
     Contractions started Sunday at 9:30am and went until about 7pm. We went to Labour and Delivery where we found out I was already 5cm dilated. They wanted us to stay and walk around for 2 hours. No change. We were sent home. Contractions were not as intense..until bed time. They started and went on all night: 40seconds long, intervals of 10 mins.
     Monday, I had a doctor's appointment and had a sweep done. Thankfully, my mom came over and put Kaelynn down for a nap, while I napped. I started to lose some plug around dinner time.           
Contractions all night long again.
     Kaelynn went to her great aunts house.for the morning/afternoon. Daddy and I went to Labour and Delivery again.
Everything was still the same.

     Everything is still the same. Contractions every 10 mins that last 40 seconds or longer.

Friday, May 22, 2015

34 weeks

    Yesterday, I hit the 34 week mark. It was also a doctor appointment day.
     I've gained about 30 pounds (sad), even if they said my weight looks good. There was glucose in my urine sample. When poked, I was a 4.2 which is normal.

     After my appointment, when I got home, everything seemed to have gone down hill.
      Walking got hard and painful. There was lots of pressure around my hips and pelvis. When I'd walk, I'd feel a shooting pain from my right heel all the way up to my pelvis. I had to crawl up the stairs to change clothes/take a bath. A warm bath and sleep didn't help anything. Even rolling over in my sleep hurt, I had to wake up first. It even hurts to sit, there's a lot of pressure.
     When she makes waves, I feel nauseated.
     I don't remember this with Kaelynn.
     Today is a take it easy day...toddler allowing.