Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas and New Years Eve.

     Tonight is NEW YEARS EVE and I am so behind in blogging. I swear there is a good reason for it. This 22.5 month old of mine never slows down.
     Words are coming along. When she talks, you can figure out what she wants. Sometimes, you have to think or look where she's pointing, but you'll understand. We're still planning on keeping her speech therapy appointment in May. One thing I've noticed she does is say a word twice: "Mum Mum" "hot hot".

     Christmas was great. Everyone got spoiled to the best of our ability and Kaelynn was spoiled beyond that. Gifts and love and food all over the place.
This year, it was a Frozen, My Little Pony, Lego Christmas. It's all over.
      Along with the Christmas gifts, I've been keeping a secret. I am currently about 14 weeks pregnant with #2. More on that in another post of it's own.