Friday, December 27, 2013

A week of Christmas

     This has been a crazy week of visits and visitors.
Monday: Monday, we went to my mom's house for Christmas. We waited for the bus for 30 mins, apparently that's how long it took for it to leave the mall. We made it, and so did my older brother who we've not talked to in years. It was very informal, presents and pizza. Kaelynn got a Glo-Worm from Grandma. I love it. Uncle Eric also gave her her first LITTLE PEOPLE.
Tuesday: Daddy and aunt Sarah had to go to work, but in the afternoon, everyone came over to our place for dinner. Great grandparents, great aunts and second cousins (plus a boyfriend). Food was good, company was pleasant. Kaelynn got a doll she is a bit too young for, but we found hilarious. It's a potty training doll that sings and has a bottle. She decided she wanted the bottle. She also received her first sled from her great grandparents and great aunt Jen.
Wednesday: We stayed in our pjs all day and opened eachothers gifts. Daddy got us large penguins and a deer. We got her THE HUNGRY PELICAN, because she has an obsession with feeding people. I think she likes it.
Thursday: Boxing day. We did Christmas with my dad. Breakfast and shopping. I got deals on her birthday gifts. We also had Dad get us a together gift. We got a toy organizer. This little baby has a lot of toys.
Friday: Today, we hung out with a best friend from out west who is home for the holidays. She loved the hugging mugs I got her and I loved the "my first fish bowl" toy she got Kaelynn. They go well with her pelican. I love the hedgehogs she crocheted me. We did some running around and errands, I got a cactus garden from the toy store (hello plants) and other baby things needed (baby booties and little people BEAUTY & THE BEAST). My other friend and her family dropped by to drop off gifts: piano for baby and donut maker for mama.
Saturday: to be announced. We have a play date in the country with friends.

*many things missing because it's 10:40pm and I am in bed. Kaelynn keeps waking up every hour in the night. Not cool baby girl. Not cool.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Human bean

I'm currently trying to crochet loot bag favours for her bday party in February. I've had to give little miss one of the bands to play with while I get things done. She is currently taking it for a walk, babbling, and trying to feed it to me.
I am taking breaks and just watching her.
I just love her so. Sometimes, my heart breaks. Sometimes, I still cry because I love her so.
Moments like now, when she won't give kisses, but will lean in when you make kissey sounds so she can laugh at your face when you kiss her head.
This little human bean of mine is turning into a real flower.
I feel complete.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

10 Months

     Holy! We're almost at a year! You're growing too fast.
      There are no words except "yea" "ma" "da" "kikki". There are no signs of teeth. But...we have walking. She started to take steps, and is slowly gaining momentum. With the big, shiny tree up and a toddler (before she is one), there is a lot of "no" being said.
9.9 months
8.9 months

     She is learning cause and effect. She will head butt me in the nose, I will be in pain. She will look directly at me and do it again. She will touch something, you say "no", then she will look at you and do it again. Along the same lines, she loves the game Peek-a-Boo. She's too smart. She will look around to see you, remove the blanket, or just wait.

     We're finally in age appropriate sizes of clothing. I am loving using her smaller diaper shirts as shirts with the tails all undone - she then reminds me of a penguin.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Big steps

     In the past 2 days, there have been some big milestones.

     Kaelynn has her first cold. She's so congested and snotty.
I feel so bad for her. Nursing is hard, sleeping is hard, wiping her nose is hard.
She is in very good spirits.
     Last night, she took her first steps! We're not fully counting them - daddy missed them (and got sad) and I only saw half of her. Grandpa Mike saw them.
     After dinner, aunt Sarah held her hands and took her for a walk around the dining room. I went to the kitchen to put stuff away. From the corner of my eye I see a tuft of pony tail waddling into the kitchen. I thought Sarah was still holding her hand. I'm all "what are you doing?!" as I walk around the kitchen wall. I see she is by herself. "Come to mommy. Walk to mommy". She then falls into a crawl and has the biggest pout/cry face. I scoop her up and snuggles are had.