Thursday, April 25, 2013

Babies come with instructions

     Today was her first visit for physiotherapy. She was unsure to begin with, but it went okay. Less screaming than I had anticipated.
     We were given written instructions on how to turn her neck (with pictures). She was turning her head to the right sometimes, so thats a good sign. With the instructions, there are more neckercises for when she is older. They are hopeful that she wont need a torticollis surgery when she's older if we follow the prescribed neckercises. The physiotherapist was saying most babies that get the surgery is because the parents do not follow through with the stretching.
     Everything for her to see has to be placed on her right side, to encourage her to look that way. When on our shoulders, she has to be on the left shoulder so the outside world is on her right - only she is content to have her face buried into people's necks.
     With tummy time, I picked her up a cheap soft towel from Loblaws to be rolled up under her. I was going to buy her a nursing pillow to do just that,  until a friend suggested a rolled up towel. I am sad that I never thought of that.
     Stretches are to be done 5 times a day, for 5 seconds, repeated 5 times. We will start tomorrow so it will be at the start of the day. Tonight, we will continue the one neck stretch at diaper change.
She goes back in a month for check up.

     Kaelynn has started to lick things to death. Om nom nom. She is currently on Daddy's lap, watching Supernatural, licking her blanket.

     I am going to sew her some rice sacks to hold her head up properly when she is in her car seat. I've not mad her a hat today since we were out from noon to almost 6pm, so at least I am making something. Tomorrow we are going on a Babywalk while Daddy does his taxes. It should be exciting.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wait weight

     I stepped on the scale a few days ago and was very disappointed. It said I was 200 lbs. That's really nothing to me, since these past years I have been 180-200lbs. In my first months of pregnancy, I was 180ish lbs. Now I am up again to what I was. I severly dislike it. I am exclusively breast feeding, when people say you lose weight quickly, nothing is happening.
   I aim to walk everywhere that is manageable. This past week, we have been out and about walking downtown, even if it's just to get out (mostly because I've been forgetting things I need to pick up). To get downtown from my house, there are 3 ways. 2 ways you're on flat level and the 3rd, you go up hill. Even though flat level is easiest, I force myself to go up hill. I am developing serious stroller arm muscles. When it's warmer out, and she's a little bigger, I will babywear her (yay "weight training").
     .....If I  could just lose the 20lbs again.

     Kaelynn is going to her first physio appointment tomorrow, so there will be an update on that. Her ultrasound is moved from May 14 to May 8th. It's bumped up but not by much.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

2 month appointmet

Late night stroll with Daddy

     Today was Kae's 2 month doctor's appointment.That means NEEDLES. She was asleep & fine in the waiting room, but once it was time for weighing & consultations, she was screaming like a banshee & there was nothing to soothe her. She took her needles like a pro though, not really a lot of screaming until afterwards- we had to sit around for 20 minutes anyway. While waiting, they tried to up the ultrasound for her neck. Instead of waiting until May 14th, we were given an order to go to the Children's Out-Patient Centre.
     At the COPC, we were too late for the ultrasound office, but we have them calling us for an appointment at an earlier date. We also saw a pediatrician who thinks that the lump on Kaelynn's neck is congenital torticollis. The one doctor at my office thought it could be that as well. For now, we wait for an ortho to call us & I have some minor physio to do at each diaper change, so her neck will go in the other direction (at least she doesn't have flat head yet). The pedi said she's had a good gain since birth, that made me happy since everyone was saying she was 'slow'.
BORN: 3.22KG 7.09LB (there was some discrepancy as the first weign in)
1 WEEK: 3.02KG 6.7LB
2 WEEK: 3.08KG 6.8LB
1 MONTH: 3.43KG 7.6LB
2 MONTH: 4.06KG 8.9LB (3RD percentile)
     It's going to be a long night, She's fussy from the shots & daddy is mad at FPS games.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy 2 Months

     Congrats kiddo! We have kept you alive for two months! Today is your 2 month birthday and you get a fox hat.
     Lately, she has been getting a bad case of the Angries and Screamies. I have no idea what to do. It seems like everything we try to do does not work. She's clean and dry. She's not cold or hot. She's been burped. She's been cuddled. She had a bath. She has been bounced. She's been fed. Nothing but screaming. The best part is it comes out of nowhere. There's nothing I can do sometimes but just to put her down and still hold her hand. I am hoping it's a growth spurt. Otherwise, she's a freakishly happy baby. I think it's because she's not napping. She will be awake and just stare, she's even been awake on bus/stroller rides now. Her poor eyes are getting baggy, puffy, and red.
     Yesterday, we went to a consignment sale and picked up a Snugli so Daddy can wear her. She doesn't like it yet, because her legs dangle instead of folded in, like with her wrap. With use, I hope she likes it. While there, I noticed a lack of baby hats at the booths. I know baby hats are all over the place, but I would like to think that I could be able to make some extra money by selling some hats. If I could make at least one a day, then by the end of the year, I should have lots. A whole army of hats is my goal. Now, I am seriously wondering if people will buy them.
     On Thursday, she goes in for her 2 month doctors appointment. I am worried about her height and weight. Hopefully, they look at her neck lump, since her ultrasound is a month away still.
     She is a lover of Bath Time, even Emergency Bath Time. She is starting to drool lots. She is starting to become Mrs. Grabbyhands and interested in everything. She is starting to fit in her cloth diapers better, even if some of them have giant leg gaps still. She has super neck control. She is still hating Tummy Time and has not rolled herself over. She won't burp if you try, but leave her alone & she's like a trucker. She's going to be super independant like her mama.
Blurbs from the Boyfriend
"She's moody because she's a girl. She's just practicing to be a woman"

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hats off to you Kid

     Yesterday, I was invited to a Parent/Infant/Toddler group. It was 3 blocks from my house so I decided to go. The woman that invited me was a friend of my boyfriend's in highschool. On a whim I Friended her on Facebook and she invited us out to play. It was awkward. Apparently there are usually more babies there, but due to the weather it was mostly 8 month olds. It was a strange expericence. At Mother's Circle, we sit and talk about topics. At this PIT group, they started off by singing interactive songs with the child and then drinking tea while the toddlers toddled about. Kaelynn just sat on my lap watching and being curious. I didnt sing because I didn't know the words. Eventually, she got really fussy and upset. *sad*. The group runs every Wednesday 2-330. I don't know if I want to go back, I might have to push myself to, to make friends.

     Yesterday, I also picked up my crochet hook. First time in a long while. I started off making a Yoda hat and then a boobie beanie and then a bonnet. The sizing is for a 6 month, but they mostly fit, and she will grow into them. Better things be too big than too small. I posted the pictures up on Facebook and a friend's sister wants an adult Yoda hat. I started on that this morning and the base is almost finished. I had to improvise the sizing, I doubled it. Hopefully it works. The yarn is stretchy though.

     Bed time has gotten so much better. We have been putting her in her bed awake and turning on s mobile. She watches it until she falls asleep. When it's feeding time, we go to CouchTopia and fall asleep together. She is currently dozey as I blog - cooing and randomly crying in her sleep. Her arm is up in the air, and I want to make her a WonderWoman hat.

     It's lunch time (homemade mac n cheese with salsa). Then time to vaccum and finish the hat. Making baby hats seems to be addicting. I have so many ideas in my head - and I don't like to wear hats.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Reality of Reality

     I have been watching random reality tv on Netflix because I find it interesting. Shows like Sister Wives and Jon & Kate Plus 8. Jake dislikes that I waste my time with such nonsense because it just makes me dumb. I watch it because other people's lives who are vastly different from mine intrigue me. The other day Jake told me to get some friends if other people intrige me. It's hard for me to make friends. I just feel so awkward. Even at Mother's Circle, I feel strange and alien. I just feel like I don't fit in and I don't know what I have to do to fit in. I have some friends, but they have busy lives and even now I feel like I am a bother. I guess this not working time has been giving me time to reflect and feel lonesome. I know I have to change so Kaelynn will be able to interact and become a stable, friendly individual. I like to think I am friendly and approachable....

     I am currently making lactation cookies. I am on Domperidone, and taking Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek supplements. Anything I can do to help boost milk supply, more so since I think Kaelynn is going through a growth spurt. She's been sleepy, fussy, and wanting to nurse all the time. My production has increased, but it could be better. In a 2-3 day span, I can freeze about 5oz of milk.

     Kaelynn is currently sleeping, so I can clean up from baking and clean up the livingroom. I am also going to call around and see if I can find a Meyer Lemon tree/price of one. I would like Kaelynn to have a Birth Tree, only we rent. If I can find a reasonably priced container tree, that would be perfect. It can go in her room during the winter months, and I am thinking if it's citrus, the cats would leave it alone.

Lactation Cookie Recipe
 Preheat oven to 375F
... Cooking time 10-12 mins
Serves 36 cookies

1 cup butter/margarine **
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
3 cups oats
1 cup raisins or chocolate chips
½ cup slivered almonds
2 tbsp brewers yeast
4 tbsp water
2 tbsp flaxseed meal

1. Mix flax and water and set aside for 3 mins (it makes a runny paste)
2. Cream butter and sugars, add eggs
3. Add flaxseed mix, then vanilla
4. Combine dry ingredients except oats, raisins, almonds.
5. Add butter mixture to the dry mix
6. Stir in oats, raisins/chocolate chips, and almonds
7. Using two teaspoons, drop dough onto non-stick cookie sheet
8. Bake for 10-12 mins at 375F
9. Remove from cookie sheet to cooling rack when they are warm, not cold, and not when just fresh out of the oven.
10. ENJOY!
1-4 cookies a day can help to boost milk supply as required. Avoid oats, flax, brewers yeast if you have an oversupply. Yummy cookies are safe for all ages and genders to eat.

**For a lighter cookie you can use 2/3 cup of becel light and 1/3 cup unsweetened apple sauce in place of the 1 cup of butter.**

Sunday, April 7, 2013


     This post might upset people, so I am letting everyone know.

     I have basically spent every night sleeping on the couch with the baby on my chest. It's not ideal & is frowned upon by health care professionals. When we sleep in our bed, she's in the crook of my arm. We can not sleep like this forever, so we have been attempting to bed train to the best of our abilities. Kae is almost 2 months old, and we know she is still young & needy. However; we would like for her to like her bed sometimes. Grandma Christine bought her a lovely Moses basket that just looks so cozy.

     Here is where the upsetting part is. We have been letting her cry it out. Not all the time mind you. There are just some nights where The Witching Hours are unbearable. She keeps screaming & crying and nothing will soothe her. We put her to bed & wait. I go in & check on her. When she gets screaming like someone is killing her, I pick her up and she stays with me. I feel bad, but I can only handle so much screaming & when I can not soothe her, I feel so inadequate. After her next feeding, we're usually asleep on the couch together anyway.

     One friend I was talking to got me really upset when we were talking about this. All families/people are different. We are a new family & I have NO experience with babies. We are trying to find what fits for us. There are some nights where Jake can bundle her up & she's out like a light until boob time, other nights she's just a monster T-Rex. Sometime during the day I can put her in her bed, other days she just wants me all the time. This is a learning period. I know CIO has damaging effects, but sometimes I feel like there is nothing else I can do, even when I go to check on her.

     Kae will probably be sleeping with me for a long while. I don't plan to fully bed train until she's older & has more understanding of being alone & why she is there. Jake doesn't want a toddler to be permanently in the bed.

     During the day, all her needs are met & even when she's being a monster I try. When she needs to sleep, is inconsolable & her little eyes are so red, I am usually feeling the same way.

     I don't think this is coming out how I wanted it to, but we're trying our best!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

     This past weekend was Kaelynn's first Easter.

     Friday, Jake had the day off. Jake's mom, her husband, and his sister came over in the afternoon and visited with us for a bit. It was Jake's mom & her husband's first time meeting the baby. She was loved, of course. Around 330, we went to Jake's dads house for Easter dinner. Kaelynn got to meet the dogs too. 

     Jake worked Saturday morning, but in the late afternoon, we were picked up and went to get him from work. We were on our way to Jake's aunts house for Easter dinner. We got to see everyone from his side, basically. I even made her a cute tutu as an Easter outfit. The whole night I was basically baby-less. Every time she would chirp or scream, I twitched- even though I knew she was in good hands. It was good for her to socialize with other people and to get used to being held by others.
     That morning, Kaelynn and I made devilled eggs for the first time ever. We even did the dyed eggs that I found on Pintrest. They turned out delicious. For the yolks, I had mayo, dijon, hot sauce, salt/pepper, and some dill. I topped with paprika. YumYum! I might have to use the same seasoning when I make egg salad sandwiches.

    Sunday, Jake and I just chilled around the house. Kaelynn and I even took a nap. It was very uneventful and lovely.

     Jake went to work and in the afternoon, Kaelynn and I went shopping with Jake's family. We went to Wal-Mart and Toys R Us with his sister, mom and her husband. It was fun. We had his sister over for dinner, she had to wait around town for a bus back to her city anyway.

     Yesterday, Kaelynn got to meet her uncle Eric and his girlfriend. We went over to mom's house and visited for a bit. I was afraid that my brother would be super awkward around a baby, nope. I gave her to him to hold while getting ready and he was fine. After, mom and I went back to Toys R Us, because I am a moron. I was looking for a new breastshield for my pump and thought they didn't have them. Turns out, they did. We had time to spare and had to walk back to the mall anyway to get a bus home. I picked up 2 pairs of sunglasses and then we were on our way home.
     The bus ride home was alright until we hit downtown. Apparently, my stroller was on someones wheelchair side. He likes to have a certain side. The woman was like "Someone is on HIS SIDE". I was like "I can move..." so I did. She didn't have to be rude. Then, while waiting around, the driver informed me that someone with a walker was coming on and I had to figure out how to fold up the stroller. Stroller folded, diaper bag full of the small things I bought, baby in her carseat on a seat and me holding her still, stroller base held in place by my feet. Success? The older woman with the walker could also have folded it up, but instead chose to keep it open and stand beside it. She could have sat beside me with it folded, which would have been easier and make more sense. Or at least to me it made more sense.

     Today, I emergency bathed the baby and now she's sleeping on the floor. We're doing okay with sleep training. She will cry for about 20-30 mins and then sleep for about 2 hours. Then I take her to the livingroom to feed her (where I usually fall asleep) and if I wake in time, I attempt to put her back in her bassinet. We're getting there. Jake doesn't want a toddler sleeping in the bed with us all the time.
     I was also going to start planting the seeds I started in burritos, but the potting soil I have in the house has dried out. Also, I put one tomato seedling in the egg carton and I think the root is too long. Oops.
    We're going onto lunch time. I am going to move the baby from the floor (failed tummy time) to her bed, and in 30 mins she eats. So, I can eat in between. I also have to transfer and delete pics from my ipod. I'm running out of space. I wish they had space for a memory card.