Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family Trip

      Yesterday, we took a trip to Quebec with friends to go to Mont Cascades.
Kaelynn traveled well and only got upset when she was tired. I felt so bad when she kept putting her arms up to ask for "out".

     We arrived, got changed and away we went. First stop was the wading pool. Kaelynn and daddy went in, to get her used to it. I then took her down a child slide. I let her go and followed down after her, bracing myself against the walls of the slide with my knees. An 18 month does not have enough weight to go down, so daddy suggested I just scoop her up. That worked, only I gave myself an amazing plastic burn on my wrist.

     I went down some slides and then switched off with daddy. While I was riding Black Magic and The Mammoth, daddy took Kaelynn to the splash pool and paddling pool. At the paddling pool, she LOVED the stairs.

     Lunch time.

     We decided to try to take her down the bigger rides. Success. No one stopped us and no one got hurt. First stop, Mammoth.
I carried Kaelynn up the hill, daddy and Mike rolled the giant tube up. There was a French family ahead of us, arguing with their possibly 4-5 year old son who didn't want to ride. We all went first. Mommy and baby climbed into the circle, then the guys. Mommy seatbelt engaged and we were flying down. Not a peep was made from Kaelynn.

     While we were on a roll, we did a 2 person ride: River Rapids. Daddy took Kaelynn down. I was so scared to do that. I would have to hold onto her and not the float. What if we both got dumped out because I wasn't holding on? I know daddy did the same ride last year with a kid a bit older. They went first, Mike and I followed. Apparently, Kaelynn looked back at Daddy with a WTF look at one point. We all arrived at the bottom alive.

     Daddy went on more slides with other children and we kept trading off. We went down bigger kiddie slides and there were no more plastic burns. I took Kaelynn to the children's rainforest and she was so unhappy. Water dripped down, like a shower, from every where. I took her down some slides and at the bottom, splashed in face. She was stunned, but not crying.

     She ate all the food.
*1.5 pancakes before we left
*1/2 package of cookies in the car
*1/4 bag of Goldfish
*1/2 jam sandwich
*4 green bean pods
*almost a whole container of black berries (I had 5)
*3 watermelon balls (ice cream scoops)
*1/2 of my ice cream cone
*2 chicken nuggets and 3 fries for dinner

     It was almost time to go home. I recruited 3 others and we went down Tornado Alley. This time I did not scream "let me off" or " I dont want to do this anymore". It was still a roller coaster water slide, but I was less afraid, it was quicker, and I Lamaze breathed my way through it. I probably could have gone again, if there was time.

     All in all, it was a great day and can't wait for next summer. I was thinking we could even do their birthday package.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Resolution Center

     Big big heartfelt thanks to the crew at PayPal for reimbursing me the money that was "lost" in the whole Please Mum debacle. I still have 5 days until I see any funds and can return them to the right people, but I received the confirmation email that they ruled in my favour.

     What has been happening since the last post?
     I received in the mail a large envelope from the Please Mum layers. 10 pages of their financials and 1 page basically saying I needed to contact my payment method because I would not be receiving my shipment.
    Of course, everyone who went through this is getting all the same information.

     It's a horrible situation that got resolved, but I am still sad about the amazing purchase that could have been.