Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snowed in

     32 weeks and I've been told not to go to work today! Huzzah! Thankfully, I worked yesterday (Boxing day) to semi makeup for missing a day. We had a snowstorm over night and people are getting stuck in ditches. I even heard tell of a city bus getting stuck and a city truck having to push it for 30 mins.
     This past week it was Christmas. I recieved cupcake pjs and a tea pot. Some hand knit baby clothes. A hand knit sweater. A stroller and carseat. Some bath products.

Enjoy the pictures of the snow I took while digging a trench from the door to the street.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Large & In Charge

I am starting to feel larger and like my belly is getting in the way of everything I do. At work, it's a tight squeeze when passing or being passed. 31 weeks and counting...

She's currently being all squirmy because dinner is cooking.

Christmas is really soon. I have started working on a baby blanket as well. Beside me, I have some embroidered presents to add to some gifts. It was my first time doing it. Hopefully they're recieved well. I made them out of felt and penciled in what I was going for.

I feel like I am becoming a cow. Mooo!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Doctors Update

     Yesterday, I had my monthly doctors appointment. No gestational diabetes, everything seems to be going along course, I am 201 pounds (*sadface*). Her heartbeat was 138bps, which she said was perfect. I have made my next appointment to start going every 2 weeks (but in this case in 3 weeks, due to the Christmas season).

     At work today, I was alone for the lunch rush (sometimes how I would prefer it).  The rush was a surprise rush because Fridays it usually isn't busy. I managed, didn't forget anyones food, and noone yelled at me. I even had a few people offer to come back and help and some commend me for a job well done. Someone mentioned that they had no idea how I managed, and surprisingly, I have no idea how I did either. Maybe because I took orders 3 at a time. When one was almost done, I added another ontop of it. It helps to be organized and have my plates all set up on the counter. To the same person, she said I moved very fast. I said I was shocked too because I was almost 7.5 months pregnant. She said it didn't show at all. Thank you black apron.
     After work, I hung out in the ER with a friend and her little girl. The tiny was sick, and turns out to be the flu or possibly strep throat. Thankfully it is a few days old. I was watching The Lion King in the pedi ER (alone, noone else was there to give me their germs). I realized how scary it was for little kids. I wonder if Scar scared me when I was little (I think he was my favourite, because I am twisted). I brought them drinks and snacks from my purse, and in return we went out for Chinese for dinner. My boyfriend gets a take out hamburger -  it's in the fridge.
      Speaking of my boyfriend, he was down with some sort of cold lastnight. Now, he seems to be better because I reminded him that we have echinacea. I picked him up some Vitamin C tablets today, just incase. It seems like the guy is always getting sick.

     I was going to go shower, but The Girl With Eight Limbs is on. It just started and is a documentary about a 2 year old in India who has 8 limbs. She was born during the festival of the Goddess akshimi, and of course looks like the goddess. She is praised as a Goddess...but according to modern medicine, she will need surgery to survive. "Its a wonderful piece of luck for a child to be born like this, and survive like this". In India, severely disabled children are killed.

If you're interested, here's a trailer

....must watch...and sew..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

30 Weeks

     Hello 30 weeks and dry skin! My hands feel like they're made of sandpaper and are getting peely patches going on. I guess it doesn't help that I wash my hands constantly at work - but at least I don't get sickly. I have been feeling the comings on of a cold, but nothing has actually hit me yet. It's probably our quickly changing weather in Ontario. In our town, we had our first "snow" fall that lasted over night. I mean "snow" because it melted by the afternoon and was just ground cover.
     The one thing that no one talks about during pregnancy is the feeling that someone kicked you between the legs. Oh pressure and stiffness. Plus, I was notified by a friend that I also have the preggo waddle going on now. Earlier this week,I stopped into my old job and an ex-coworker said it looked like I was having twins. I think for 30 weeks, I am still looking tiny. I can manage to wiggle and creatively wear my own clothing.
     I have a feeling she's starting to move up. It feels like there is a blockage/nerve endings being poked under my right ribs. It doesn't hurt or anything, it just feels awkward.
     It's almost Christmas. Time to put the presents I picked up recently either in bags or wrapped. Just so I can say it's been done and over with (and make coffee for the bf and some tea for me). The kitties are all napping, perhaps its a wake up forced snuggle time for them!
     Tomorrow is a check up. The start of 2 week check ups (I think). Update after that. I am sure everything is fine.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

29 weeks

     Hello tummy and flat buttocks!

     Today I am not working in the morning, same with tomorrow. Because I am not at work, I feel her moving around more. I think all the movement at work puts her to sleep and she'll sleep basically until dinner time. There is also less room in there for her, so her larger kicks/punches aren't really felt.  I have been feeling bubbles and a strange clawing like sensation. When it comes to bed time, I don't feel anything really, except for restless legs and stiffness in my hips. It causes me to toss and turn basically all night. I am still not used to fully sleeping on my sides.

     A very lovely best friend of mine got me an early Christmas present: 12 randomly coloured diapers, 10 liners, and a wetbag. I have 3 diapers coming in the mail from eBay, as well. Thanks to these presents, I don't have to buy one diaper per pay anymore (I can if I want..but I can save the $14-20 for groceries and other things).

     More people at work know I am pregnant, and I don't know how I feel about this. I don't like most of the people in the building. It's like we just make their food and we're their slaves. Yes, they get abused on the phones, but that doesn't mean they can come downstairs and take it out on us. At least us in the kitchen can take it with a grain of sugar and find a bright side to it.

     The baby's room is still a random spare room. Her stuff is piling up in a corner where my sewing stuff used to be. The other parts of the room are desks and a work bench for paintball stuff. I've asked boyfriend when we'd start to work on the room and he said "February". That's all fine and dandy, but she's also due then. We're waiting on one of his friends to move house (he has a crib and possibly other stuff) but we can start to clean stuff out and sell things we don't use *desks*. Ah well, I have a feeling things will work out anyway.

                           "In three words, I can sum up everything I have learned about life:
It goes on"
-Robert Frost

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Got some suga?

     I left work early today to get my glucose test done. It just tasted like warm, flat, orange pop. Not horrible, but my throat burned afterwards. I had my mom come with me to sit for the hour and keep me company. Plus, I had needles and she held my hand (I hate needles). I had no side-effects while waiting, now I just feel drained and super tired. Hopefully, I don't have to do the 3 hour test.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

28 weeks later

     It's official. My pants no longer can do up. This makes me sad, as I love my jeans. I do have some in a larger size, but they're "tummy control" and that defeats the purpose because they will squish everything. I feel like my body is out of proportion.
     Work is a tight space, and I feel like I am bumping into everything with either my belly or my butt.
     Tomorrow, I am leaving work early to go and do my Glucose test. I am having my mom go with me. I dislike needles, and even sitting around for an hour would be boring. We'll see how that goes.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Busy Day Off

     Yesterday was a long day. It was my day off from work, USA Thanksgiving. It started with me just sorting laundry and chilling at home. I had to leave for a 2pm doctors appointment, dropped off my forms at the hospital for giving birth, hung around the ER with a friend for about an hour, went for a pedicure, and then shopped at the mall.

     Everything at the doctors went well. I even had the female resident that I like. Everything seemed fine. When she was doing the dopplar, K was even kicking the machine constantly. The one thing that's always amazed me is just by them touching they can assume where the baby is (my boss said she could feel the baby too). I touch and all I feel is my fat.

     I hopped a bus and dropped my forms off to be admitted. A semi-private room is $215/night vs $255/night for a private room. Our insurance is 100% coverage, so we will get the money back anyway. for $40 difference, I'm getting a private room. Hopefully it wont be lonely.
I then walked around the corner and met up with my friend and her friend. She had to drive her friend to the ER because she had stomach pains. We actually had to leave her there alone. Turns out, she needed her appendix out (and is still there - I'm texting her).

     Afterwards, we went back to the school where we took Esthetics and had the new students do our pedicures. We got spa pedis (scrub and paraffin) and just hung out. Yes, it was nice because someone was able to paint my nails for me (even shaving my legs is getting complex), but it was $22. It was nice being able to see some of my old teachers/technicians. They said I didn't look pregnant. HAHA.

     At the mall we went looking for somethings for my friend's engagement photos. We picked up a shirt and jeans for her. I also managed to pick up my boyfriend's Christmas present at a store I had been eyeing for a while. I am still dubious if it will fit. I have 7 days to fully return it, so I am going to try it on me and see if it fits. For a LARGE, it looked smallish. Good thing I am great at keeping reciepts.

     This coming Monday, my shift at work changes and I start at 10am. I will lose money, but I am hoping I did the math right and still make maternity leave. I used if I made 20hours/week, I would make it (but have to work until Feb8th). My coworker who has her last day today is going on mat leave and did some math for me too- if I work 15hours/week, I will still be working about 2 weeks until birth. Its definately better than not making it at all, and good thing the job isnt all that hard and my time walking will be knocked down (specially in the dark winter). We will have a new manager, so we'll see how hours go.

     Boyfriend has today off and is still in bed (its 10:38am). I am going to go put on some coffee for him...and maybe throw Bandit at him. K is hiccuping all over! I guess she liked her Cheerios.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Ifs Are Murder

     I feel like I am worrying needlessly yet most importantly about the one thing that makes the world go round; money!
      In about 2 weeks, the other girl at work leaves to go on maternity. Today, my boss hired someone to fill the gap. I could continue working 1:30pm to 8:30pm, but in this town, I don't get home until 10pm (and that's after a 30 minutes walk). I, of course, had the option to switch shifts or work starting at 10am. Even though I could possibly lose hours, I chose 10am start because it seemed safer externally and internally. I would no longer be walking in the dark in the oncoming winter and I wouldn't be on my feet all day, plus the 30 minutes walk home. It's usually on the bus ride half way home that I start to feel discomfort.
      Currently, the woman working the middle shift gets about 20 hours a week, I get 32.5. That's a loss of about $100 per pay. I am really hating the choices of safety over security. Now, if the bus ran later than every hour, I would be fine. Likewise could be said if we had a working vehicle (and my license/someone to drive me), reliable rides from my dad nightly, or even $35/week to spare on cabs.

          I had wanted to use cloth diapers to try to save money and have just recently started to accumulate them. So far, I have 2 AMP all in ones. I had it so it was one bought per pay. We'll see how well I budget them in now. I might have to switch to disposables. Well, I was planning on half and half anyway. I didn't fancy the idea of dirty diapers in my purse if I was out someplace.
I just feel overwhelmed and like any decision I make screws us over!
I wrote that at work. When I got home, I talked about my earlier start with the man, and he agrees safety over monetary security.
Blurbs from the Boyfriend
"I just thought you should know that the other night K kicked so hard I could feel it through your back. No wonder you woke up right after saying your back hurt, your kidneys were a trampoline"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looking smaller, feeling larger

     Hello 26 weeks, and the end of second trimester. Looking at this picture compared to last weeks, I look smaller, but I feel larger. Rolling over in bed is getting more labourous and bending down has become a chore -mostly at work because things are kept low under the counter, so its constant bending. I've also noticed lower stomach achiness. It's not a bad feeling, it just feels awkward. After work lastnight, I decided to take a cab home after work instead of walking 30 mins.

     She's been kicking/punching more and more aggressive. I feel little pokes over on my left side now. I was in the bath the other day, and was just watching my belly earthquake. Afterwards, I was sitting on the floor and my boyfriend was on the chair behind me. I got him to watch, and he was like "I just saw it wiggle, is that it?". I laughed at him.

    I've had a dream that he was even pregnant, not so he can have the achiness that I have (aside from that, I've had no complaints, no moodiness, still sleeping good, no real PAIN), but so he can feel the movement from the inside. I've also been having dreams where he up and leaves. The only explaination in the dreams are "I can't do this" and then poof.

   It's Thursday. That means it's almost Friday and the weekend off! I've counted my estimated days left of work, because I don't know when I want my last day to be, and its about 56 days left. 104 days until Feb.20th, due date!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

25 Weeks

     The leg cramps have started up. On Tuesday morning, I had a cramp in my calf so bad I could see the muscle tighten. I sat up and was on the verge of tears. Then Tugger started to meow at me, and I was laughing. My boyfriend looked at me as he handed me a banana, "I could take you more seriously if you weren't laughing".

     I have been able to see her kicking, but not been able to share. Yesterday, I noticed hiccups. They felt weird - a quick pulsating.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

24 Weeks

     Earlier this week, my boss looked at me and said; "You're just like my puppy. Every time I look at you, you're growing". My boyfriend saw the picture and was like; "I can stick out my belly too", then proceded to show me. He's also noticed that in the pictures I am wearing his hoodies -  they're perfect for under my winter coat.

     I still don't really feel pregnant, until I feel her wiggle about. I am not quite sure what feeling "pregnant" is. My body had its aches and pains before, so what I have now just seems normal. I have always been a tiredish person - I compare myself to a cat. However; colostrum seems to be hurting my breasts - alot. I just feel like I am getting fat. I have always had an issue with my weight and stomach fat, so this feels weird. At least I can still fit in my clothes (even if my LaSenza L undies are getting kind of snug). I do know I have to walk slower now or I will have problems breathing, I discovered this walking home from work lastnight.
     When it comes to feeling pregnant, I feel bad for my co-worker. She's 29 weeks and quite large. She's going to have a long, large baby. She's having issues sleeping, always in pain, always in a grump. It makes me feel awkward since I am usually cheerful or at least normal. Even her work hours have been cut down to about 3 hours a day. This caused my boss to ask me when I would be done working. If I keep feeling normal, I would like to stay until the start of Feb, since Ks not due until mid Feb. My boyfriend agrees if I could at least do half the winter. Hopefully, come December 1st, I will be working on a different schedule and not getting home at 10pm.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Months, weeks, and days

     I am now, according to one doctor, 23 weeks.
I had a doctors appointment on Monday and wasn't impressed at all. Where I go, you see residents and then the real doctor. The resident I saw, I hope he's not the one I see all the time. I am unsure if it's because my regular family doctor/OB wasn't there or if the guy is just socially awkward.
     When I went in, he said I was 22 weeks. When I first found out I was pregnant, the doctor said to use the day I concieved as my weekly mark - Thursday (which I have been doing). Normally, I don't have any questions or concerns because everything seems fine. However; I have Raynaud's Phenomenon and my wrists/hands have been flaring up. I am unsure if it is due to the pregnancy or the warm and then cold weather. He basically dismissed it as "pregnant women usually get fluid accumulation in their joints and ankle". Next was breathing. I do not have asthma, but randomly I have been finding it hard to breathe, like my breath is catching. I will wake up in the night and just feel closed off, same if I am doing anything. It lasts less than a minute, but it's scary because it doesn't feel right. He said nothing about that. For the heartbeat, he found it first go (I know because I say it sounds like a barking dog- "whoooowhhhoooooowhooooo") but he didn't tell me the numbers and had the machine off before I could ask. I like to know the numbers. Afterwards, he informed me that I did have a yeast infection a while ago. I know it's not his fault, but it still irked me. I took a swab and usually they call if something comes up - they dont like you to call.
     Oh well, I have another appointment next month, on my day off, and then I am getting a pedicure with some old classmates/friends at the college.
     Time to settle in with my crocheting before making lunch and work. I have to finish a granny square blanket before I start on a baby blanket. A friend of mine challenged me to a race to keep her motivated. I have 2 months. Thankfully, its much smaller than my granny squares will be. I want something quick, yet classy.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thoughts wandering free

       My brain is always in over drive and is moving in time. I get worried about the cost of things, her dating, school, bullying. But also, there are the good thoughts that make me smile: first Christmas, birthday parties, Hallowe'en costumes and candy.

      I've been creating a baby registry, but I feel like I am a new mom and need everything. I am also capable of making do, so if I don't have something, I would be able to work around it. I have no idea what a baby needs, beside the basics. I also don't want a bunch of stuff that will sit around unused for months. I will just be grateful if I get anything. (If anyone is interested,, Annie MacKenzie)

22 Weeks

     22 weeks. Everything seems to be moving so fast. I still feel like I don't look pregnant. I have only gained about 6 pounds...but before that, early pregnancy, I lost 13 pounds.
     We don't really have anything set up for K yet, we still have about 3 months. Boyfriend has been busy planning a HUGE paintball event, so I've not pestered. We need to clear out half the spare room to set up the crib we will be getting etc.

     K isn't kicking more, but she's kicking stronger. She's still low, so it feels like my bladder is twitching. I've been getting night leg cramps, they're not fun. I am a stomach sleeper, so sleeping on one side or the other feels weird and stiff. I keep flipping and flopping every night. This past week, I have been feeling stiff all over, baths are my best friend.

     Next week is the big ol' 6 months! It feels like time is really going fast.

Blurbs From The Boyfriend
"I bet she really hates you every time you laugh. NOOO STOP JIGGLING HER"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

21 weeks

Oh hello 21 weeks.
I can feel her kicking more, even if it's sporatic. My boyfriend said that when I was asleep, he could feel her kick too. Unsure if he would be able to feel anything from the outside, I Googled it. They said it could be possible. When she's bigger, he will definately be able to feel it.
I am really hungry, so I am going to make some lunch. This isn't a very informative post, but nothing much has changed.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fur kids

    I realize that animals are not children. We can go away and the pets can stay, depending on how long with no one checking in on them. My cats are LIKE my children.
     In our household, we have 3 cats. Two are mine and have been mine since before they were born, and one is boyfriend's cat (who I call my own).
     Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we went to the boyfriend's dad's house. After dinner the topic of pets came up. Everyone was like "you will have to watch the cats around the baby", "you will have to get rid of the cats", "having no cats means its easier to care for the baby and less fur/dander means less potential allergies".
      Well, let me tell you, that's not going to happen. If a new baby is expected, you don't get rid of current children. These cats are like my children. I feed, clean, pet, cuddle, and basically all around take care of them. I could understand if they were total trouble makers, but they're not.
       When we got home lastnight, he was like "You kitties only have four months left, then you go out the back door". I glared at him. He better have just been being a jerk, or else I am going out the back door too.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wiggle room

      Last night I had a grilled cheese and garlic pickle sandwich for dinner, followed by a glass of milk.I felt a weird sensation in my lower belly.
Todays lunch was the same thing -because it's easier when making Thanksgiving treats. Same thing happened.
I have been pretty sure that I have been feeling K kick and wiggle for a while, despite what other people have been saying I should be feeling; and what I said was feeling was wrong.

     Talking to my coworker who just passed her 26th week, I described awhile ago what I was feeling as someone just lightly flicking me. She said that could be it. A 36 week woman at work said it couldn't be and I would know when I felt the flutters. Well, no flutters for me. Since May (apparently when I concieved) I have been noticing a giant pulse in my stomach that seems to take over. If there were any flutters, I had a feeling that they got lost.

      Being the curious kind of person I am, and wanting answers, I turned to Google. I am pleased to announce that I did infact feel her move, specially when my brain said she was moving.
It feels to me like a muscle twitch, like the feeling when your eye spasms ALOT.

Blurbs from the boyfriend
"What?! You mean she's not dead?! YAAAY"(always looking on the bright side of things)

Friday, October 5, 2012

20 Weeks

Yesterday, I hit 20 weeks. So far, no movement that I can tell.
I clearly look pregnant. I ran into a old customer of mine at Tim Hortons. She was wondering what I was doing on the VERY far side of town - working. She asked me what I was going to be doing with my life, and I said "being a mommy". Her response as she looks at my belly:"Oh...I was wondering".

I have picked up a few books to read to my belly; GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU and THE PAPER BAG PRINCESS. I feel like a tard doing it, but I do it anyway.The cats listen. I have yet to find the book I really want: PENELOPE PENGUIN: THE INCREDIBLY GOOD BABY. I had a copy from when I was little that my Grandma gave me, but I'm having a hard time tracking down another copy (I think mine got put in the basement - ew).

I feel like I am getting a cold. Everyone seems to be sick. My boyfriend is, my coworkers are, everyone is. I went to Shoppers lastnight to pick up day time cold meds for the guy, and their shelves were basically empty. Hopefully I only get my version of a cold: a head ache, snuffles, and sneezing. It's a much better cold than my boyfriend who gets Man-Cold and basically is dead.

I need to start getting ready for work. I am heading out early to get a monthly bus pass and pee in a cup. Apparently my last urine test was contaminated. Ugh. At least it's FRIDAY!

Blurbs from my Boyfriend
"You better love her as much as I do"
"Having a kid will be just means I will get less babying"

Saturday, September 29, 2012

19 weeks

I am going to attempt to take all my pictures in the same tank top. Good thing I have a whole bunch of them from Esthetics schooling. Looks like I am starting to show.
I have never been the skinniest person, as the following picture from Hallowe'en last year shows....but I just feel like I am getting fat. My stomach isn't huge, but I keep hitting it with doors, oh my.
I'm not sure if I have felt any movements as I have a permanent pulse going on.
    While out today at the mall with my brother, I spent money I shouldn't have....on something that I won't be able to use for months. I just fell in love with the outfit and bibs. We left the store and I had to turn around and get it.

However, due to being out all morning, I now have chores and stuff I should be accomplishing.
Dishes, shower, tidying, catlove and crocheting.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pink Carnations and a pick up truck

Today was my anatomy ultrasound. Like usual, I drank too much water. You think I would know better by 18 weeks and 6 days.
There were scans of all the organs and limbs. Everything is intact. Heart beat was 142bpm.
When she mentioned she was doing the scans, I was like "...and gendddddderr?"  It all depended on positioning. Legs were crossed.
After being given my cup to go empty some of my bladder, she continued the scans. To get the pictures of the heart, baby was in the wrong position. The tech kept poking me in the belly, trying to nudge. Eventually she got it.
More time passed and I was allowed to fully empty my bladder. I poked my belly and told it to behave! She tried to find the gender..and success.

It's a girl and her weight is 9 ounces.
I was out with a friend and we stopped into Wal-Mart. I wanted to get something for my boyfriend to tell him while he was at work, without me actually telling him. I was thinking a ITS A GIRL balloon, but then he would have to take it on the bus. We looked for a pink cupcake, but none were to be had. I got him a bunch of pink carnations and a "baby girl" card. I wrote on the envelope, GUESS WHAT! and left it at the information desk with his name on it. That seems classier to travel with on the bus....and hopefully he gives me back the flowers!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Just breathe

I am midway through 4 months. After realizing this as I looked at the date quickly before getting ready for work, I can feel my heart racing.

I feel no baby flutters yet, so it seems weird when my boyfriend puts his face against my belly. I still just feel like I am getting fat.

My boss did the Chinese predictor and said I am having a girl. Here's hoping on Tuesday they let me know.

I also just can't shake the feeling that people just think I am fat. Yes, I have always been belly fat, but this is weird. I've always struggled with my weight, so I feel uncomfortable.
More on this later, the clock says its time to get dressed....and poke a cat sleeping in my new beanbag chair!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mama senses are tingling

     I guess it all started the day that I found out I was pregnant.

     For weeks, I had been feeling weird. Like, the feeling pre-cold/flu. I was unsure if it was illness or just stress from exams and finally (almost) being finished college for Esthetics. When I feel ill, I always grab a mint of some sort (candy or fresh). The only thing on hand when my friend and I were on the way to the mall were crystal mints. I popped one in my mouth. Bad idea.
     All I could taste was the corn syrup in the candy. The mint was not even appealing. I just thought the candy was off.
      Since then I had noticed others of my favourite foods rebelling on me.
  Roast turkey from my favourite deli tasted like chicken. Babybel cheese just tasted like plastic. Onions and garlic made me run to the bathroom. Polski Olgorki (polish pickles) tasted like dill pickle chips. I could taste all the fake sugary substances in candy.
      I  am not a very picky eater, but when you can't have your go tos....
            Yet, some things have never tasted so good. Rock on fresh fruits!

      Then it was the smells. I have always had a sensitive nose. What I found was that people really smell bad. Be it, over use of scents, no use of scents, bad breath, cigarette smoke, and whatever filth humans get them selves into.
Aside from people smelling bad, the world smells bad. Stains on the pavement, garbage, cooking, animals, cars, and anything the heat warms up.

   It's garbage night and I can promise that when I walk to the bus to get to work, people will have their trash sitting on the curb already. Time to don my pregnancy bubble and get ready for work!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Congratulations... what?

So, you took the test. Freaked out a bit. Might have uttered a swear or two at your friend that was with you. Took another test. The proof is in the Positive. You're going to have a baby. Wait, that can't be right. Wait until the doctor says so. The doctor said you're going to have a baby. If this paragraph feels speed up and smooshed together, thats how your brain is probably feeling. That's what mine was like.

I found out when I was 5 weeks pregnant, and still feel in shock at 18 weeks. It doesn't seem real.
Now, to tell the SO. He was away at a paintball tournament when I found out. We had talked about kid(s) for when we have everything in order. After being minimally employed and just graduating college, I didn't think "everything was in order". How did I do it? I made him a steak dinner for when he came home, and had a bubble bath waiting for when he walked through the door. Then came the typical, "do you love me?" "how much?" "will you leave me?" questions..and then the truth of the matter (with tears). Everything turned out okay.

In the first weeks after I found out, I had morning sickness about every other day. It was fun and exciting, if it wasn't nausea, it was actual vomiting. It got better, it moved to about once a week as I passed the 10 week mark. Now,at 18 weeks, I randomly get nausea (mostly if I smell something that is quite unpleasant or ride the bus for too long).

So far, only people that I trust and love know. I didn't want to say anything before the 14th week, incase something happened. (knock on wood) Now, people still do not know, even though I am starting to show. In a week, I am going to tell everyone the news, of course on Facebook. Why in a week? I hope that in my 19th week ultrasound, we will be able to find out the gender. If not...noone will know.

Everything that has happened has been uneventful. Feeling tired, growing pains, nausea, larger breasts, weaning off caffiene. Everything from now on will be documented, as a way to share.

For now, I am the mother of three cats and copious houseplants. Common law wife to my boyfriend of almost eight years. Full time cafeteria lady. Esthetician when called for.
Expectant Mother.