Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fur kids

    I realize that animals are not children. We can go away and the pets can stay, depending on how long with no one checking in on them. My cats are LIKE my children.
     In our household, we have 3 cats. Two are mine and have been mine since before they were born, and one is boyfriend's cat (who I call my own).
     Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we went to the boyfriend's dad's house. After dinner the topic of pets came up. Everyone was like "you will have to watch the cats around the baby", "you will have to get rid of the cats", "having no cats means its easier to care for the baby and less fur/dander means less potential allergies".
      Well, let me tell you, that's not going to happen. If a new baby is expected, you don't get rid of current children. These cats are like my children. I feed, clean, pet, cuddle, and basically all around take care of them. I could understand if they were total trouble makers, but they're not.
       When we got home lastnight, he was like "You kitties only have four months left, then you go out the back door". I glared at him. He better have just been being a jerk, or else I am going out the back door too.


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