Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Snow, strollers, and babywearing

    We've had our first real dumping of snow lastnight. Before breakfast, we went out to play it. I knew we would have a long day before it got dark. I made sure we got at the white stuff before the dog or other kids.
     Kaelynn was unsure. She didn't like it to begin with. I placed her sitting in the snow, but she fell over backwards and was unhappy. I picked her up and put her on her belly. She was upset because she couldn't crawl. I decided to make a quick snowman before we went back inside. She loved watching me roll quick, lumpy balls and listening to me explaining what I was doing.
     This afternoon, we went out with my dad in search of more picture frames. By the time we got home, she was passed out.
Aunt S and I had planned on going to the mall when I got home. She was still asleep, so I plunked her carseat into her stroller, just so we could make it to the bus on time. No sense waking a sleeping baby. She would have woken up mad as a wet cat.
Unthinking, we found out the sidewalks weren't plowed. I had the handles, S had the bumper and we carried her through the snow. At least for the bus home, we took a different route that dropped us at the other entrance of our neighbourhood.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

9 Month Check Ups

     Thursday was a busy day. Kaelynn had 2 doctors appointments. First stop, her 9 month check up.
     Her 9 month appointment went well. Everything is going up, and she's healthy.
    Weight: 16.7 lbs 
Height: 67cm
     Next stop was her ultra sound for her neck. The tech was telling us that she had never seen a baby return, until that day. For the one side of her neck, she was asleep. For the good side of her neck, she was awake and having none of it. The tech again, told us what she was seeing on her screen - after she went to talk to her doctor. There is nothing to be worried about, the muscles are slowly loosening and in the words of the doctor "it takes time".

Thursday, November 14, 2013

9 Months

   9 Months in
9 Months out

     Nine months have passed already and so much has happened. Through the stress of tantrums, teething, growth spurts, and moving, I love you so much.

    Next Thursday, she has her 9 month appointment and ultrasound, so measurements then.
Everyday, we're getting closer to walking. Her favourite thing at the moment is to try to free stand and walk around the furniture. I even had to go to LOWES and buy pipe insulation to wrap around the coffee table, just need to get tape since she keeps ripping it off and waving it around.
     She is loving all types of food, basically we are off purees. She is eating bits of our dinner, or if it's inappropriate for a  baby I make her something special. When it comes to snack time, she loves to share: a bite for her, a bite for me (this actually applies to anything as she just tried to stick a fake icecube in my mouth). 
    Her favourite activity, aside from walking, is blowing raspberries. The more the spittle, the better the raspberry. She loves if you blow them back to her too. She has a quirky tongue too - it goes sideways. 
      Her hair is growing and growing. More than not, it's "styled" in a unihorn. It's long in front and long in back, but putting it in a big girl ponytail, it falls out. 

     We are working on separation anxiety. She freaks out if I am not around or in eye-shot. If I happen to not be around, she is fine..but if I come into the room, she freaks out. We had a date night at the movies and my mom watched her. She freaked out for an hour, napped, and freaked out again.  I fed her before we left and left snacks with my mom. She devoured them, and still wanted more. In 3 hours, she needed all the snacks. I've heard S.A lasts about 2 months, I am hoping this is true. Sometimes, I feel like I am losing my mind. Even if I love her so. 
     To semi deal with the S.A (and all  the stairs in the new house), I purchased an Ergo carrier. All the babies shall be worn, plus it puts her to sleep when I'm doing chores.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Crafting

     Even though it's mid November, I have started to think about Christmas. Presents are bought and half are wrapped. Half need to be finished or purchased. Yesterday afternoon, we had a crafting day.
     Kaelynn and I found things to make a topiary. I've seen a few on Pinterest, and got curious. A burn on my hand, glitter everywhere, and a little helper, a table top topiary was completed.
    I am getting excited for her first Christmas.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Move and then some

     Holy cow, it's been a crazy month! I am just able to sit down and write now because I have a nursling and a cup of tea.

    We have "successfully" moved into our new house. There is crap everywhere, but it's only been 3 days. Let's rewind a ways back.


     There will be no more neck stretching in our house. She was cleared for movement. We do have to go back in 2 months. In 2 weeks, she has another ultrasound on her neck. She still has a lump of muscles, that should have gone away. She's not growing very tall, I'm hoping they've not grown out yet.

The move
     We moved across town on Halloween, to combine two households of family. A lot of stuff, a lot of change, and a lot of tears (my part).  Moving until 330am, too much junk everywhere, screaming baby and a hiding kitty really did this mama in. Everything is slowly coming  along.

     I escaped for a bit Halloween night to go trick or treating in mom's neighbourhood. We just did the townhouses across from her apartment. The little moogle got candy. Good thing she's a sharer and doesn't even know it.