Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Snow, strollers, and babywearing

    We've had our first real dumping of snow lastnight. Before breakfast, we went out to play it. I knew we would have a long day before it got dark. I made sure we got at the white stuff before the dog or other kids.
     Kaelynn was unsure. She didn't like it to begin with. I placed her sitting in the snow, but she fell over backwards and was unhappy. I picked her up and put her on her belly. She was upset because she couldn't crawl. I decided to make a quick snowman before we went back inside. She loved watching me roll quick, lumpy balls and listening to me explaining what I was doing.
     This afternoon, we went out with my dad in search of more picture frames. By the time we got home, she was passed out.
Aunt S and I had planned on going to the mall when I got home. She was still asleep, so I plunked her carseat into her stroller, just so we could make it to the bus on time. No sense waking a sleeping baby. She would have woken up mad as a wet cat.
Unthinking, we found out the sidewalks weren't plowed. I had the handles, S had the bumper and we carried her through the snow. At least for the bus home, we took a different route that dropped us at the other entrance of our neighbourhood.

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