Tuesday, June 18, 2013

4 month doctors visit

     Yesterday was Kaelynn's 4 month check up/shots. In 2 months, I think she has gained a lot.
At 2 months she was 8.95lbs (4.06kg)/21.5in (54.5cm) and yesterday she was 11.81lbs (5.36kg)/23in(60cm). She took her oral medicine no problem and was a happy go lucky baby this time around. No banshee screams until her needles, which she took like a champ.
     She has diaper rash, but it's clearing up and the doctor said that it's not as bad as it could be (I know this because I Google Imaged it). We also think that she could have seasonal allergies like her daddy. She claws at her face on high pollen days, so we were told to give her saline tear drops (the red eye drops are the vaso-constrictors) - easier said than done.
     By the time her appointment was over, she was not impressed. I hit her up with a shot of Camilla to try to help. We had other places to go.

      After making a quick stop to Canadian Tire to pick up English instructions for our Baby Bullet (they were just going to photocopy the whole book, thankfully the guy just  gave it to me or I would have flipped), we went to Montana's for a day late Father's day with my dad. From there it was picture time!
     We went to get her Milestone's picture done at Sears. The lovely Tiffany provided Kaelynn with a new outfit for her pictures. Above are some of the outtakes I took a picture of. She only had one mini melt down. The picture I chose is most adorable, I can't wait to get it in a few weeks.

     This past Sunday was Jake's first Father's day. He got the whole day to do what he wanted -play Xbox and play with baby. I made him French toast dumplings for breakfast and then we had lasagna for dinner. After dinner, we took a walk downtown for some sort of dessert. We chose to go to McCafe for their new frappe drinks. The Vanilla Chai one is amazing.

      Today I have an angry girl. Grunting, crying when put down, fingers jammed in her mouth. The only thing to stop her is boobs, but she can't be latched on all day Feeling her head, she feels kind of warm, probably from her shots - cool bath time & snuggles- then Mama needs to clean, laundry, get the diaper bag ready for swim tomorrow.

Friday, June 14, 2013

4 Months old

     Today is Kaelynn's 4 month birthday. It seems crazy that time has gone SO fast.

     She is now 25 inches long, thats a 6 inch growth from birth. I have been using my house scale to weigh her & I estimate that she is about 12 lbs, we have a doctors appointment on Monday so we will get an accurate weight. She's got a big ol' milk belly.

     She is a little personality. She loves to stick out her tounge, smile and giggle. She has only full out belly laughed a few times. She is a rolling machine, until she gets frustrated and angry. Tummy time has become much smoother now. I trick her with Mirror Baby. She loves looking at herself.
     She's just started to become interested in her books and toys. I have a feeling she is going to be a lefty - she grabs everything with her left. When the books come out, she gets so excited- she wiggles her arms and squeeks.
     She has basically adopted Bandit, or is it the other way around. Whenever possible, Bandit likes to jump on my lap and be around us. Her feeling neglected has turned out well, because she's become used to Kaelynn. She's the kitty that comes the closest. The other day, Bandit was crossing my lap and Kaelynn reached out and huggrabbed her tail. Yesterday,she was sitting on Jake's lap and Kaelynn was petting her/pulling fur. Even when Bandit got punched in the face, she took it.
    Wednesday, Daddy and I took her to the Y to go swimming. We showed up early for the Parents  Tots because I can't read the internet. We swam with the bigger kids and than swam with the babies. We spent about an hour in the water before she started to get fussy. She was out like a light afterwards.

     She's not sitting up, but she loves to attempt to stand. She can sometimes sit for about a second, but then falls or gets distracted. I am thinking her Torticollis head tilt isn't helping any either.We're working to improve it. The exercising seems to be helping.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

     Lastnight, she slept through the night. I put her down around 8:30pm and she woke up around 4:30am. Around 2-2:30am, I woke and was wondering why she was not up yet. I crawled to the end of the bed where her crib is and she was still sleeping deeply. It didn't help that it was raining out. Something in the rain kept sounding like a hammer banging in the night. I basically had to force myself to sleep. When she woke at 4:30, she fed for 30 mins and was easy to put back to bed. I heard her stirring again at 7am, so I got up. By the time I was out of the washroom and done making tea, she was passed out again. I made breakfast and when I was finished she woke up in a rage. Since then, it's been off/on sleeping and raging. I am blaming the rainy weather.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be

     "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be"
      I'll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch was one of my favourite books when I was little. I picked it up today for Kaelynn and went to start to read it to her. I couldn't do it without choking up. I will love my baby girl forever. Before I was a mother, I never realized how strong my feelings would be. I would do anything for her and try to make sure she has the best of everything. She is going to grow up strong and proud of her mama and daddy.She is going to know she is loved forever by everyone in her life.
     Her Aunty Marie was in town not to long ago from Sask and brought with her toys that are bigger than Kaelynn. Mommy and daddy and guests have more fun with them than she does. they are called Clump-O-Lumps and unzip and re-zip to become unique "monsters". I thought she would be scared of them, but brave lil girl loves them. My OCD kicks in however, I can't keep them in mix matched order, they have to be shark/cat/squid.

      Kaelynn still refuses pacifiers for the most part, but she is content to suck on her (or anyone else's) hands. She has just started to lift Sophie and other toys up to her mouth to inspect with her gums. She loves Sophie's butt/hooves and Whoopsie's (her porcupine creature thing) hands. She also has a screen addiction. She loves cellphones, tv, cameras. She will sit happily watching Jake play Xbox and gets excited when things explode- more bright lights the better. Sometimes, I lay her on the couch and this forces her neck to the right to watch tv. It's a cheerful/non-screamy way for her to work her neck muscles.
      At 16 weeks old, she is getting so big and bright. Everywhere we go, aside from people mentioning her hair, her alertness gets commented on. I have NO baby experience, so I don't know what a 16 week old should be like. Yes, she has her crabby days, but she is a cheerful lump of baby. The sad thing is everyone who knows me and her father only see him in her. This gives me hope though, I hope she gets my attitude (even if I am bitchy and a hardass, but I'm cheerful and know what I want).
Blurbs From The Boyfriend
"Owwww! You won't get any milk from that. Maybe some blood, but no milk"

Sunday, June 2, 2013

To eat or not to eat

     We're doing naked play time as I blog, I am once again glad I do not have a boy child.
     On the 17th, she goes in for her four month doctors visit. At this time I am going to talk to them about starting food. She has an interest in what we eat, even more interest if it's a cookie. We don't have a dining room table, so at dinner time she is either in someone's lap or in her bouncy chair.
This past week at bed time, it's been rough. She will nurse an hour and still be hungry. I give her 2oz BM bottle & then she will nurse again. At that point, she will get milkdrunk and let me put her to bed. During the day, she will be hungry about every hour.
I know 4 months is early, but my mom said that about the time we were eating our fists, she let us have cereal. Jake says no to food at 4mths, but I feel like I am going insane.
     I am on Domperidone to boost supply, oatmeal for breakfast, fenugreek and blessed thistle..yet it doesn't seem to be enough right now. At least she should be gaining weight, she's getting a milk guy on her.
....lastnight Daddy also rubbed his finger on a cherry & let her suck the juice. She LOVED it!