Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Appointment

     Today was my 36 week, 5 day appointment. I will always be seeing Resident Useless now. I still think I like the female residents so much better.
     My appointment was at 10am. I was in the room at 10:03am. I was seen at 10:30am. I was just sitting around, listening to the resident and the doctor talk to another woman about blood work needing to be done and how she needs to do pap tests. My appointment only took about 8 minutes, long enough for me to miss my bus to get to work when I wanted to. Heart rate was checked and was fine (RU doesn't give me numbers and turns the machine off quick). I was told about membrane sweeping at 38 weeks to help labour go along if I think I will be over due. My pains were dismissed a regular pregnancy pains (random cramping and feeling like I got boot f'd).  Weight: 212.9lbs. Up one pound.
      I then went to work and it was semi slow. I worked until 5pm and got home around 6. Just the thought/act of doing dishes made me cry. I took a bath and hoped that it would help my sore ankles, nope. Even the Dr.Pepper and Hershey bar didn't really help. I am looking up baking soda free pancake recipes for dinner. I so don't feel like cooking or even being productive. It doesn't help that its snowy/freezing rainy out.

     The baby shower was on Saturday. I got some nice clothes, books, bath supplies. I even got a cute Tinkerbelle onesie/costume. I even won a prize myself by collecting clothes pins for the word BABY. Not as many people showed up that said they would, but I knew that would happen anyway I will post pictures once I get them. One thing I didn't get were hats or a diaper bag. It's time for me to go to the mall. Thankfully, I have a $100 giftcard that I won for the mall and was saving it for things for K. I was looking into making her some hats too. I don't feel like crocheting them because I haven't found a pattern I like/don't have baby yarn (only have acrylic). I was looking at ones to sew, but the patterns online I don't really like either (and I don't have ink for my printer). I feel I could improvise, but I don't want them to be too small. I'll figure something out.

     I am due in about 3 weeks and am hoping to have a belly cast made. Yesterday, I picked up some plaster strips and my friend says she has some in her basement from when she did hers. She's going to come over and help me make a cast. It shall hang on the wall...but how would I like it painted...thats the conundrum.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


     Only about 4 more weeks left, if on time. Cramps have started, as much as that sucks, it's a good thing. Her movements have been more squirmy than kicking. Some days she moves more than others. On the non-movement days when she's minimal, I get worried. I then feel the need to drug her up with Dr.Pepper, a warm bath, and sometimes a poke and a flashlight. I feel I have been good with the caffiene, so now it's just a stimulant to get her kick'n.

     Saturday afternoon is my baby shower. An update and pictures after that. I can't wait for the party to be over, so I can update with some of the gifts for people I made (they could be reading this).
 My poor cat, Tugger, has a cold. He's the last of the 3 to get sick. He's been a sleepy head and he sneezes funny - it sounds like a zipper. If he;s like the others, it will last a week and then be over and done with. Until then, I feel bad laughing whenever he sneezes.

     Yesterday it was -24*, felt like -35*. Brrr. I am creeping through my Flickr and am determined to pick up photography again.
Feast your eyes on some greenery, to get away from the cold.


      A badly lit picture of my new hair cut(and no, I don't like to smile -specially when tired) (better pics from the baby shower, etc). My boss at work did it. It's back to my natural colour, with no damaged ombre/bleachy residue on the bottom.
      While she was driving me home from her place, we had to stop off at the mall for the bank. She made a detour to shop and came back with a gift for me/baby K: a onesie with a pink cat on it, pink polka dot pants, a cat hat with ears, and socks to match..<3

     Time to start thinking about something for dinner, Jake is home from work around 10 and it's almost 8:30 now. Plus, I'd like to be in bed early-ish. Tomorrow, I am working 8 hours (definately longer than my 5.5hours that usually kick my butt) and then a trip to the grocery store. Hopefully afterwards, home to just melt into the couch with some kitties and some snacks (or probably an easy to cook dinner).


Friday, January 18, 2013

35 Weeks

         On Sunday, we took a pre-natal tour of the hospital. It was basically "this is the rooms" "this is what to expect" "this is what you should pack". Basic things that help alot.

           Yesterday was  my 35 week appointment. Everything looks good and I am measuring where I am supposed to. They say its the Home Stretch, but it's been going slowly. It probably doesn't help that I have that count down and my count down of "days worked" left. In the mail, I have recieved my Nestle baby package. It contained a diaper bag, new born diapers I am taking to the hospital, a bottle, and even though I plan to breastfeed, formula and glass prefilled formula bottles for the hospital. I really like the glass formula bottles.

          In some of of the baby clothes I have, there was a white onesie that had a giant yellow stain on it. For the past 2 days, I have been attempting to embroider a fairy over top of it. It's not amazing, but it's my first time doing it. I say it doesn't look too bad it you look at it from far away.
                  2 of the 3 kitties have colds. This pains me. I can't really do anything for them. Sneezing and watery eyes. I have to keep wiping Bandit's eyes. My poor baby girl.

                   Lastnight, I put together collages of my "Growth of a baby" from week 19-35. I might have gained about 20? pounds (I am seriously not sure) but the bump looks huge. The last picture is the last ultrasound I will get, week 18.
Blurbs from the boyfriend:
"As much as I say I'm not going to, I have a feeling I will probably spoil K"
"It's ok K! Your mommy's hard stomach will protect you!"

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

34 weeks

     34weeks and counting. 6 weeks left to go. 1 more month left of work.
     My work shirt is still able to button up, but just barely.
     I am working on a crocheted baby blanket, I've been off and on working on it. I was all gung-ho, and then I slowed down. I am now working on a viking hat and beard, to trade for maternity pictures next month.
     We're slowly getting the bedroom in order. We sold a desk. 2 desks to go. One is really old and needs to get broken down to go to the dump. Infact, we have a lot of things that need a dump run. Whoohoo. We're getting there, organized that is.
     Time to put laundry away and get to work on the then I can start on the embroidery! I am like an old timey woman! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Feet on my feet

     Not too bad a job for 33 weeks pregnant,if I do say so myself. I decided it was time to change from red polish from my pedicure in November to something different. Challenging myself, I thought to try baby foot prints. The blue might not be super perfect, but it's winter and almost no one will see my feet (and it comes off my skin in the shower anyway)

     I was told that I am getting the fat face of pregnancy and am looking tired. I'd have to agree. Plus, my hair is going crazy!
     A friend of mine who is unable to go to my baby shower showed up yesterday to drop off presents. In with the lovely gifts, there was skin care stuff for me. Hello moisturizers and eye cream. The morning of my baby shower, my boss is coming over to cut and style my hair. She's also a hair stylist.

     Friday morning I had a freak out. I could not get my ring off. I dislike the feeling of being trapped, and I felt TRAPPED. I spent about 15 minutes rubbing lotion on my finger, trying to get it over my knuckle. Success..sadly, I am not going to put it back on. I fear that it would have to get cut off.

     Time to be useless and work on my baby blanket instead of doing dishes. I can do them tomorrow.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A promise is a Promise

     I just spent about 28 minutes trying to upload the picture of my stash. I know how long because pizza was cooking in the oven. The uploader failed. I went and logged into my Flickr. Turns out I haven't used it in over a year. Now with blogging, I hope to change that...but everything seems to have an Instant Uploader. Anyway...
I have 24 diapers. The suggested amount, but when it comes to these kinds of things, the more the merrier. I have no idea what are good diapers and what are bad. Seems like most of the ones I have are all One Size Fits All due to the snaps and they take microfiber insterts. Definately going to have to get the man to deal with those after cleanings. I can't stand the feel of them "sticking" to me.

     Today was my doctors appointment at 3. Everything seemed fine. Her heart rate was 140bmp. The doctor/resident/whatever seemed shocked/pleased that I was experiencing Braxton Hick's already. "Its just your body getting ready...sooner than some". As long as it's not all the time and not super debilitating, I should be good. It's only off and on. I stop. Breathe. It goes away. Plus, K is head down.
My next appointement is in 2 weeks. I just hate how due to my work schedule it cuts into work hours. Thankfully, if no one lied to me, I already have all my EI hours. The resident/doctor that I saw today was super nice. It wasn't the one I was used to because rotation was over. I was dreading the man doctor/res I wasn't too fond of (simply because he never told me anything and dismissed my concerns). Instead, I got a cute female Asian. She told me what was going on, where she thought my baby's parts were, and what she was doing. She even offered to help me off the bed. I hope I see her again.

     After the appointment, I met up with a friend and we went to Michael's to pick up notebooks. The type I wanted was about $30. Yikes. I settled for 2 mini sketchpads for a total of $6. I came up with the idea of 365 Days Of Happy Things. Everyday (backdated to Jan 1st), write/draw down the one thing that's made you the happiest. Perhaps if/when money gets better I will get my black hardcover and transfer it all over. I am excited for this, even if I can't really draw well.

     A picture from my Flickr from June 15, 2011. One of my many garden manids. This was my first batch we ever tried. This was a few hours after they were born.

     And since I uploaded the babies from the season before last, here is a mantid from this Summer. Upclose and personal...


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Warm Feet/Warm Heart

     As I write this, I am soaking my feet. Mmm warmth. Lately after work, my legs and feet have been hurting, but I think part of that is I need to buy insoles for my sneakers.My feet were also cold from the snow in my back yard. The front door keeps freezing, but thankfully the back door doesnt. Also thankfully, my neighbours truck wasn't in their spot because I knew I wouldn't have fit through into the alley. Bouncing through about 3 feet of snow, it was inevitable that snow would get in my boots. So, soaking and possibly filing the bottoms (if I can reach).
I was also out in the cold longer than normal today on the way home from work because I went to city hall to pick up a garbage tag. Not thinking, and using my pocket change, I could have picked up more. On the way back up the street, I stopped into Shoppers and picked up some baby bathtime supplies for cheap -4 bottles for $13. That also got my Optimum Points up to almost 48,000 points. I need 50K for $80 off (all of which I am planning to use for baby stuff)

     Friday at work, I am pretty sure I had a Braxton Hick's contraction. I had just returned from the bathroom and was prepping sandwiches in the corner. Suddenly, I felt a strong tightening in the front. It took my breath away and I had to stop what I was doing and change my standing position. Everything was ok after less than a minute, then it happened again. At least it was quick.

     At work today on my break, I made my appointment for the hospital tour. Jan. 13th at 130. Exccciting..

     Boo! It's been only about 15-20 minutes and my water feels cool again. Tomorrow is my doctors appointment. I suppose I could have waited to post, but I shall update tomorrow too. I will find my camera and take an updated picture of my diaper stash.

Blurbs from my boyfriend:
"K, by the way things are looking so far, you have more stuff than me".