Thursday, November 29, 2012

Got some suga?

     I left work early today to get my glucose test done. It just tasted like warm, flat, orange pop. Not horrible, but my throat burned afterwards. I had my mom come with me to sit for the hour and keep me company. Plus, I had needles and she held my hand (I hate needles). I had no side-effects while waiting, now I just feel drained and super tired. Hopefully, I don't have to do the 3 hour test.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

28 weeks later

     It's official. My pants no longer can do up. This makes me sad, as I love my jeans. I do have some in a larger size, but they're "tummy control" and that defeats the purpose because they will squish everything. I feel like my body is out of proportion.
     Work is a tight space, and I feel like I am bumping into everything with either my belly or my butt.
     Tomorrow, I am leaving work early to go and do my Glucose test. I am having my mom go with me. I dislike needles, and even sitting around for an hour would be boring. We'll see how that goes.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Busy Day Off

     Yesterday was a long day. It was my day off from work, USA Thanksgiving. It started with me just sorting laundry and chilling at home. I had to leave for a 2pm doctors appointment, dropped off my forms at the hospital for giving birth, hung around the ER with a friend for about an hour, went for a pedicure, and then shopped at the mall.

     Everything at the doctors went well. I even had the female resident that I like. Everything seemed fine. When she was doing the dopplar, K was even kicking the machine constantly. The one thing that's always amazed me is just by them touching they can assume where the baby is (my boss said she could feel the baby too). I touch and all I feel is my fat.

     I hopped a bus and dropped my forms off to be admitted. A semi-private room is $215/night vs $255/night for a private room. Our insurance is 100% coverage, so we will get the money back anyway. for $40 difference, I'm getting a private room. Hopefully it wont be lonely.
I then walked around the corner and met up with my friend and her friend. She had to drive her friend to the ER because she had stomach pains. We actually had to leave her there alone. Turns out, she needed her appendix out (and is still there - I'm texting her).

     Afterwards, we went back to the school where we took Esthetics and had the new students do our pedicures. We got spa pedis (scrub and paraffin) and just hung out. Yes, it was nice because someone was able to paint my nails for me (even shaving my legs is getting complex), but it was $22. It was nice being able to see some of my old teachers/technicians. They said I didn't look pregnant. HAHA.

     At the mall we went looking for somethings for my friend's engagement photos. We picked up a shirt and jeans for her. I also managed to pick up my boyfriend's Christmas present at a store I had been eyeing for a while. I am still dubious if it will fit. I have 7 days to fully return it, so I am going to try it on me and see if it fits. For a LARGE, it looked smallish. Good thing I am great at keeping reciepts.

     This coming Monday, my shift at work changes and I start at 10am. I will lose money, but I am hoping I did the math right and still make maternity leave. I used if I made 20hours/week, I would make it (but have to work until Feb8th). My coworker who has her last day today is going on mat leave and did some math for me too- if I work 15hours/week, I will still be working about 2 weeks until birth. Its definately better than not making it at all, and good thing the job isnt all that hard and my time walking will be knocked down (specially in the dark winter). We will have a new manager, so we'll see how hours go.

     Boyfriend has today off and is still in bed (its 10:38am). I am going to go put on some coffee for him...and maybe throw Bandit at him. K is hiccuping all over! I guess she liked her Cheerios.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Ifs Are Murder

     I feel like I am worrying needlessly yet most importantly about the one thing that makes the world go round; money!
      In about 2 weeks, the other girl at work leaves to go on maternity. Today, my boss hired someone to fill the gap. I could continue working 1:30pm to 8:30pm, but in this town, I don't get home until 10pm (and that's after a 30 minutes walk). I, of course, had the option to switch shifts or work starting at 10am. Even though I could possibly lose hours, I chose 10am start because it seemed safer externally and internally. I would no longer be walking in the dark in the oncoming winter and I wouldn't be on my feet all day, plus the 30 minutes walk home. It's usually on the bus ride half way home that I start to feel discomfort.
      Currently, the woman working the middle shift gets about 20 hours a week, I get 32.5. That's a loss of about $100 per pay. I am really hating the choices of safety over security. Now, if the bus ran later than every hour, I would be fine. Likewise could be said if we had a working vehicle (and my license/someone to drive me), reliable rides from my dad nightly, or even $35/week to spare on cabs.

          I had wanted to use cloth diapers to try to save money and have just recently started to accumulate them. So far, I have 2 AMP all in ones. I had it so it was one bought per pay. We'll see how well I budget them in now. I might have to switch to disposables. Well, I was planning on half and half anyway. I didn't fancy the idea of dirty diapers in my purse if I was out someplace.
I just feel overwhelmed and like any decision I make screws us over!
I wrote that at work. When I got home, I talked about my earlier start with the man, and he agrees safety over monetary security.
Blurbs from the Boyfriend
"I just thought you should know that the other night K kicked so hard I could feel it through your back. No wonder you woke up right after saying your back hurt, your kidneys were a trampoline"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looking smaller, feeling larger

     Hello 26 weeks, and the end of second trimester. Looking at this picture compared to last weeks, I look smaller, but I feel larger. Rolling over in bed is getting more labourous and bending down has become a chore -mostly at work because things are kept low under the counter, so its constant bending. I've also noticed lower stomach achiness. It's not a bad feeling, it just feels awkward. After work lastnight, I decided to take a cab home after work instead of walking 30 mins.

     She's been kicking/punching more and more aggressive. I feel little pokes over on my left side now. I was in the bath the other day, and was just watching my belly earthquake. Afterwards, I was sitting on the floor and my boyfriend was on the chair behind me. I got him to watch, and he was like "I just saw it wiggle, is that it?". I laughed at him.

    I've had a dream that he was even pregnant, not so he can have the achiness that I have (aside from that, I've had no complaints, no moodiness, still sleeping good, no real PAIN), but so he can feel the movement from the inside. I've also been having dreams where he up and leaves. The only explaination in the dreams are "I can't do this" and then poof.

   It's Thursday. That means it's almost Friday and the weekend off! I've counted my estimated days left of work, because I don't know when I want my last day to be, and its about 56 days left. 104 days until Feb.20th, due date!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

25 Weeks

     The leg cramps have started up. On Tuesday morning, I had a cramp in my calf so bad I could see the muscle tighten. I sat up and was on the verge of tears. Then Tugger started to meow at me, and I was laughing. My boyfriend looked at me as he handed me a banana, "I could take you more seriously if you weren't laughing".

     I have been able to see her kicking, but not been able to share. Yesterday, I noticed hiccups. They felt weird - a quick pulsating.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

24 Weeks

     Earlier this week, my boss looked at me and said; "You're just like my puppy. Every time I look at you, you're growing". My boyfriend saw the picture and was like; "I can stick out my belly too", then proceded to show me. He's also noticed that in the pictures I am wearing his hoodies -  they're perfect for under my winter coat.

     I still don't really feel pregnant, until I feel her wiggle about. I am not quite sure what feeling "pregnant" is. My body had its aches and pains before, so what I have now just seems normal. I have always been a tiredish person - I compare myself to a cat. However; colostrum seems to be hurting my breasts - alot. I just feel like I am getting fat. I have always had an issue with my weight and stomach fat, so this feels weird. At least I can still fit in my clothes (even if my LaSenza L undies are getting kind of snug). I do know I have to walk slower now or I will have problems breathing, I discovered this walking home from work lastnight.
     When it comes to feeling pregnant, I feel bad for my co-worker. She's 29 weeks and quite large. She's going to have a long, large baby. She's having issues sleeping, always in pain, always in a grump. It makes me feel awkward since I am usually cheerful or at least normal. Even her work hours have been cut down to about 3 hours a day. This caused my boss to ask me when I would be done working. If I keep feeling normal, I would like to stay until the start of Feb, since Ks not due until mid Feb. My boyfriend agrees if I could at least do half the winter. Hopefully, come December 1st, I will be working on a different schedule and not getting home at 10pm.