Friday, October 26, 2012

Months, weeks, and days

     I am now, according to one doctor, 23 weeks.
I had a doctors appointment on Monday and wasn't impressed at all. Where I go, you see residents and then the real doctor. The resident I saw, I hope he's not the one I see all the time. I am unsure if it's because my regular family doctor/OB wasn't there or if the guy is just socially awkward.
     When I went in, he said I was 22 weeks. When I first found out I was pregnant, the doctor said to use the day I concieved as my weekly mark - Thursday (which I have been doing). Normally, I don't have any questions or concerns because everything seems fine. However; I have Raynaud's Phenomenon and my wrists/hands have been flaring up. I am unsure if it is due to the pregnancy or the warm and then cold weather. He basically dismissed it as "pregnant women usually get fluid accumulation in their joints and ankle". Next was breathing. I do not have asthma, but randomly I have been finding it hard to breathe, like my breath is catching. I will wake up in the night and just feel closed off, same if I am doing anything. It lasts less than a minute, but it's scary because it doesn't feel right. He said nothing about that. For the heartbeat, he found it first go (I know because I say it sounds like a barking dog- "whoooowhhhoooooowhooooo") but he didn't tell me the numbers and had the machine off before I could ask. I like to know the numbers. Afterwards, he informed me that I did have a yeast infection a while ago. I know it's not his fault, but it still irked me. I took a swab and usually they call if something comes up - they dont like you to call.
     Oh well, I have another appointment next month, on my day off, and then I am getting a pedicure with some old classmates/friends at the college.
     Time to settle in with my crocheting before making lunch and work. I have to finish a granny square blanket before I start on a baby blanket. A friend of mine challenged me to a race to keep her motivated. I have 2 months. Thankfully, its much smaller than my granny squares will be. I want something quick, yet classy.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thoughts wandering free

       My brain is always in over drive and is moving in time. I get worried about the cost of things, her dating, school, bullying. But also, there are the good thoughts that make me smile: first Christmas, birthday parties, Hallowe'en costumes and candy.

      I've been creating a baby registry, but I feel like I am a new mom and need everything. I am also capable of making do, so if I don't have something, I would be able to work around it. I have no idea what a baby needs, beside the basics. I also don't want a bunch of stuff that will sit around unused for months. I will just be grateful if I get anything. (If anyone is interested,, Annie MacKenzie)

22 Weeks

     22 weeks. Everything seems to be moving so fast. I still feel like I don't look pregnant. I have only gained about 6 pounds...but before that, early pregnancy, I lost 13 pounds.
     We don't really have anything set up for K yet, we still have about 3 months. Boyfriend has been busy planning a HUGE paintball event, so I've not pestered. We need to clear out half the spare room to set up the crib we will be getting etc.

     K isn't kicking more, but she's kicking stronger. She's still low, so it feels like my bladder is twitching. I've been getting night leg cramps, they're not fun. I am a stomach sleeper, so sleeping on one side or the other feels weird and stiff. I keep flipping and flopping every night. This past week, I have been feeling stiff all over, baths are my best friend.

     Next week is the big ol' 6 months! It feels like time is really going fast.

Blurbs From The Boyfriend
"I bet she really hates you every time you laugh. NOOO STOP JIGGLING HER"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

21 weeks

Oh hello 21 weeks.
I can feel her kicking more, even if it's sporatic. My boyfriend said that when I was asleep, he could feel her kick too. Unsure if he would be able to feel anything from the outside, I Googled it. They said it could be possible. When she's bigger, he will definately be able to feel it.
I am really hungry, so I am going to make some lunch. This isn't a very informative post, but nothing much has changed.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fur kids

    I realize that animals are not children. We can go away and the pets can stay, depending on how long with no one checking in on them. My cats are LIKE my children.
     In our household, we have 3 cats. Two are mine and have been mine since before they were born, and one is boyfriend's cat (who I call my own).
     Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we went to the boyfriend's dad's house. After dinner the topic of pets came up. Everyone was like "you will have to watch the cats around the baby", "you will have to get rid of the cats", "having no cats means its easier to care for the baby and less fur/dander means less potential allergies".
      Well, let me tell you, that's not going to happen. If a new baby is expected, you don't get rid of current children. These cats are like my children. I feed, clean, pet, cuddle, and basically all around take care of them. I could understand if they were total trouble makers, but they're not.
       When we got home lastnight, he was like "You kitties only have four months left, then you go out the back door". I glared at him. He better have just been being a jerk, or else I am going out the back door too.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wiggle room

      Last night I had a grilled cheese and garlic pickle sandwich for dinner, followed by a glass of milk.I felt a weird sensation in my lower belly.
Todays lunch was the same thing -because it's easier when making Thanksgiving treats. Same thing happened.
I have been pretty sure that I have been feeling K kick and wiggle for a while, despite what other people have been saying I should be feeling; and what I said was feeling was wrong.

     Talking to my coworker who just passed her 26th week, I described awhile ago what I was feeling as someone just lightly flicking me. She said that could be it. A 36 week woman at work said it couldn't be and I would know when I felt the flutters. Well, no flutters for me. Since May (apparently when I concieved) I have been noticing a giant pulse in my stomach that seems to take over. If there were any flutters, I had a feeling that they got lost.

      Being the curious kind of person I am, and wanting answers, I turned to Google. I am pleased to announce that I did infact feel her move, specially when my brain said she was moving.
It feels to me like a muscle twitch, like the feeling when your eye spasms ALOT.

Blurbs from the boyfriend
"What?! You mean she's not dead?! YAAAY"(always looking on the bright side of things)

Friday, October 5, 2012

20 Weeks

Yesterday, I hit 20 weeks. So far, no movement that I can tell.
I clearly look pregnant. I ran into a old customer of mine at Tim Hortons. She was wondering what I was doing on the VERY far side of town - working. She asked me what I was going to be doing with my life, and I said "being a mommy". Her response as she looks at my belly:"Oh...I was wondering".

I have picked up a few books to read to my belly; GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU and THE PAPER BAG PRINCESS. I feel like a tard doing it, but I do it anyway.The cats listen. I have yet to find the book I really want: PENELOPE PENGUIN: THE INCREDIBLY GOOD BABY. I had a copy from when I was little that my Grandma gave me, but I'm having a hard time tracking down another copy (I think mine got put in the basement - ew).

I feel like I am getting a cold. Everyone seems to be sick. My boyfriend is, my coworkers are, everyone is. I went to Shoppers lastnight to pick up day time cold meds for the guy, and their shelves were basically empty. Hopefully I only get my version of a cold: a head ache, snuffles, and sneezing. It's a much better cold than my boyfriend who gets Man-Cold and basically is dead.

I need to start getting ready for work. I am heading out early to get a monthly bus pass and pee in a cup. Apparently my last urine test was contaminated. Ugh. At least it's FRIDAY!

Blurbs from my Boyfriend
"You better love her as much as I do"
"Having a kid will be just means I will get less babying"