Friday, October 26, 2012

Months, weeks, and days

     I am now, according to one doctor, 23 weeks.
I had a doctors appointment on Monday and wasn't impressed at all. Where I go, you see residents and then the real doctor. The resident I saw, I hope he's not the one I see all the time. I am unsure if it's because my regular family doctor/OB wasn't there or if the guy is just socially awkward.
     When I went in, he said I was 22 weeks. When I first found out I was pregnant, the doctor said to use the day I concieved as my weekly mark - Thursday (which I have been doing). Normally, I don't have any questions or concerns because everything seems fine. However; I have Raynaud's Phenomenon and my wrists/hands have been flaring up. I am unsure if it is due to the pregnancy or the warm and then cold weather. He basically dismissed it as "pregnant women usually get fluid accumulation in their joints and ankle". Next was breathing. I do not have asthma, but randomly I have been finding it hard to breathe, like my breath is catching. I will wake up in the night and just feel closed off, same if I am doing anything. It lasts less than a minute, but it's scary because it doesn't feel right. He said nothing about that. For the heartbeat, he found it first go (I know because I say it sounds like a barking dog- "whoooowhhhoooooowhooooo") but he didn't tell me the numbers and had the machine off before I could ask. I like to know the numbers. Afterwards, he informed me that I did have a yeast infection a while ago. I know it's not his fault, but it still irked me. I took a swab and usually they call if something comes up - they dont like you to call.
     Oh well, I have another appointment next month, on my day off, and then I am getting a pedicure with some old classmates/friends at the college.
     Time to settle in with my crocheting before making lunch and work. I have to finish a granny square blanket before I start on a baby blanket. A friend of mine challenged me to a race to keep her motivated. I have 2 months. Thankfully, its much smaller than my granny squares will be. I want something quick, yet classy.

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