Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snowed in

     32 weeks and I've been told not to go to work today! Huzzah! Thankfully, I worked yesterday (Boxing day) to semi makeup for missing a day. We had a snowstorm over night and people are getting stuck in ditches. I even heard tell of a city bus getting stuck and a city truck having to push it for 30 mins.
     This past week it was Christmas. I recieved cupcake pjs and a tea pot. Some hand knit baby clothes. A hand knit sweater. A stroller and carseat. Some bath products.

Enjoy the pictures of the snow I took while digging a trench from the door to the street.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Large & In Charge

I am starting to feel larger and like my belly is getting in the way of everything I do. At work, it's a tight squeeze when passing or being passed. 31 weeks and counting...

She's currently being all squirmy because dinner is cooking.

Christmas is really soon. I have started working on a baby blanket as well. Beside me, I have some embroidered presents to add to some gifts. It was my first time doing it. Hopefully they're recieved well. I made them out of felt and penciled in what I was going for.

I feel like I am becoming a cow. Mooo!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Doctors Update

     Yesterday, I had my monthly doctors appointment. No gestational diabetes, everything seems to be going along course, I am 201 pounds (*sadface*). Her heartbeat was 138bps, which she said was perfect. I have made my next appointment to start going every 2 weeks (but in this case in 3 weeks, due to the Christmas season).

     At work today, I was alone for the lunch rush (sometimes how I would prefer it).  The rush was a surprise rush because Fridays it usually isn't busy. I managed, didn't forget anyones food, and noone yelled at me. I even had a few people offer to come back and help and some commend me for a job well done. Someone mentioned that they had no idea how I managed, and surprisingly, I have no idea how I did either. Maybe because I took orders 3 at a time. When one was almost done, I added another ontop of it. It helps to be organized and have my plates all set up on the counter. To the same person, she said I moved very fast. I said I was shocked too because I was almost 7.5 months pregnant. She said it didn't show at all. Thank you black apron.
     After work, I hung out in the ER with a friend and her little girl. The tiny was sick, and turns out to be the flu or possibly strep throat. Thankfully it is a few days old. I was watching The Lion King in the pedi ER (alone, noone else was there to give me their germs). I realized how scary it was for little kids. I wonder if Scar scared me when I was little (I think he was my favourite, because I am twisted). I brought them drinks and snacks from my purse, and in return we went out for Chinese for dinner. My boyfriend gets a take out hamburger -  it's in the fridge.
      Speaking of my boyfriend, he was down with some sort of cold lastnight. Now, he seems to be better because I reminded him that we have echinacea. I picked him up some Vitamin C tablets today, just incase. It seems like the guy is always getting sick.

     I was going to go shower, but The Girl With Eight Limbs is on. It just started and is a documentary about a 2 year old in India who has 8 limbs. She was born during the festival of the Goddess akshimi, and of course looks like the goddess. She is praised as a Goddess...but according to modern medicine, she will need surgery to survive. "Its a wonderful piece of luck for a child to be born like this, and survive like this". In India, severely disabled children are killed.

If you're interested, here's a trailer

....must watch...and sew..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

30 Weeks

     Hello 30 weeks and dry skin! My hands feel like they're made of sandpaper and are getting peely patches going on. I guess it doesn't help that I wash my hands constantly at work - but at least I don't get sickly. I have been feeling the comings on of a cold, but nothing has actually hit me yet. It's probably our quickly changing weather in Ontario. In our town, we had our first "snow" fall that lasted over night. I mean "snow" because it melted by the afternoon and was just ground cover.
     The one thing that no one talks about during pregnancy is the feeling that someone kicked you between the legs. Oh pressure and stiffness. Plus, I was notified by a friend that I also have the preggo waddle going on now. Earlier this week,I stopped into my old job and an ex-coworker said it looked like I was having twins. I think for 30 weeks, I am still looking tiny. I can manage to wiggle and creatively wear my own clothing.
     I have a feeling she's starting to move up. It feels like there is a blockage/nerve endings being poked under my right ribs. It doesn't hurt or anything, it just feels awkward.
     It's almost Christmas. Time to put the presents I picked up recently either in bags or wrapped. Just so I can say it's been done and over with (and make coffee for the bf and some tea for me). The kitties are all napping, perhaps its a wake up forced snuggle time for them!
     Tomorrow is a check up. The start of 2 week check ups (I think). Update after that. I am sure everything is fine.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

29 weeks

     Hello tummy and flat buttocks!

     Today I am not working in the morning, same with tomorrow. Because I am not at work, I feel her moving around more. I think all the movement at work puts her to sleep and she'll sleep basically until dinner time. There is also less room in there for her, so her larger kicks/punches aren't really felt.  I have been feeling bubbles and a strange clawing like sensation. When it comes to bed time, I don't feel anything really, except for restless legs and stiffness in my hips. It causes me to toss and turn basically all night. I am still not used to fully sleeping on my sides.

     A very lovely best friend of mine got me an early Christmas present: 12 randomly coloured diapers, 10 liners, and a wetbag. I have 3 diapers coming in the mail from eBay, as well. Thanks to these presents, I don't have to buy one diaper per pay anymore (I can if I want..but I can save the $14-20 for groceries and other things).

     More people at work know I am pregnant, and I don't know how I feel about this. I don't like most of the people in the building. It's like we just make their food and we're their slaves. Yes, they get abused on the phones, but that doesn't mean they can come downstairs and take it out on us. At least us in the kitchen can take it with a grain of sugar and find a bright side to it.

     The baby's room is still a random spare room. Her stuff is piling up in a corner where my sewing stuff used to be. The other parts of the room are desks and a work bench for paintball stuff. I've asked boyfriend when we'd start to work on the room and he said "February". That's all fine and dandy, but she's also due then. We're waiting on one of his friends to move house (he has a crib and possibly other stuff) but we can start to clean stuff out and sell things we don't use *desks*. Ah well, I have a feeling things will work out anyway.

                           "In three words, I can sum up everything I have learned about life:
It goes on"
-Robert Frost