Monday, June 23, 2014

Racecar Wars

   The bed is all done and brought up to the newly rearranged bedroom. We tried it out last night and it was a no go. I pretty much figured that it wouldn't be that simple.
     I nursed her in our bed. She fell asleep. I scooped her up while humming and rocked her until we got off the bed. I laid her in bed and turned on her Glow Worm. Success...for thirty minutes. Of course, she woke up when I started to fold laundry. She rolled out of bed and stood there angrily crying. The rest of the night was spent nursing, trying to put her down, crying, daddy explaining that this is her bed and he worked hard to make it pink for her. Finally, at 10pm, agreed that nap time, diaper changes and stories will happen in her bed for the next week.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Skeleton Park Arts Festival

     Yesterday was a gorgeous day in town. On the spur of the moment, we decided to go downtown to the Skeleton Park Arts Festival. It helped that I had my iced tea tumbler from David's Tea to fill up (and baby had one too). Plus, I knew we would be spending time with a super amazing chainmail artist friend.
     I filled up my tumbler with Watermelon Mint iced tea and then made a pit stop to grab Tiffany a Chai Frappe from McDonald's. We got to the park and it was super busy, of course. We found them and dropped off our stuff at their table before exploring a bit.
      First stop, the park. Wild children were running all over. Kaelynn climbed up the slide and went down once. I decided it was far too full of larger, wilder children for a 16 month old to toddler about. We then walked along the path and checked out the booths and tables. A woman in a carrot suit scared her, otherwise she was.generally unimpressed.
      It was getting on in the afternoon, so we stood in line for a sausage from The Sleepless Goat. It was pricy (far more than I wanted to spend, I was hoping there would have been a $2 hot dog stand), but it was good. Lunch was sausage, bun, lots of fruit and really watered down iced tea for the little.
     We spent time oogling Tiffany's amazing work and watching her do her thing. I hope she didn't mind having a tiny baby around. I saw something adorable a few tables over and we went to look. I bought it. Kaelynn now is the owner of a small needlefelted Princess.
     It was getting onto 2 pm when I thought we should leave. She had no morning nap, was far to busy to just let her run around and burn herself out, and really...she needed a nap. Thankfully, she fell asleep on the bus. We took the long way home, and she slept the whole hour.
     It was a glorious afternoon in the park, and we even ran into friends and gave them hugs!
     If you're interested in seeing more of Tiffany's work, check out her Facebook page:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

     Yesterday, we celebrated our second Father's Day. We had a relaxed day at home.
     The day started with waking up early to make bacon roses. The instructions online said to use a mini muffin tin with holes drilled in the bottom to hold the mini roses. I did not want to put holes in my tin/buy a new one, so I used the top of my cake pop pan. It worked great on top of the broiler. While they were cooking, I whipped up a batch of pancakes. I was so excited that he did not even notice they were bacon, until I told him.
     The rest of the day was spent decorating the cake I prepared earlier and playing.
    It was a good day.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

16 Months Old

     Yesterday was a full day. Not only did Kaelynn turn 16 months, but we also had a baby meet/greet/shower to attend.

     Between last month and this month, not a lot has changed. She is still all over the place, not really talking (but gesturing like a pro), testing limits and doing anything to make people laugh.

     She is a sneaky monkey with no fear. Late night, we set a trap for her to see how she climbed out of her crib. Comforters, foam mats, bean bag chair and pillows on the floor, we were set. After 3 minutes, she had her arm pits over the bar and one leg up. Daddy ran in and saved her. We had the door open a crack, so she couldn't see us.

     At the baby shower, she was such q good girl. She was shy but social. She actually ate some food, and stole my short bread cookie. She played with balloons and even tried to give the baby a balloon. Everyone was commenting on how well behaved she was, how pretty she was and how well she listened. This bodes well for the wedding we're in next month!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bye bye crib!!

    It's official. The Crib Wars are over. The child has won over the adult. And it was pretty damn scary too.

     I put her in the crib tonight and she was not happy about it. Sometimes, it needs to happen. She was losing her mind and was in there maybe 5 minutes before stuff started to get thrown around. I heard a plastic thump and said "Bye bye Woody". Then, I heard a loud, yet squishy thump and crying. Her Dad and I both ran into her room. She was sitting on the floor, beside Pooh bear, crying. I picked her up and tried to calm her. She put her arms out for her dad. I passed him over and she wanted me again. I brought her to bed and nursed her to sleep.
     I really want to know how she got out. J suggests that she used the 2 blankets that were in there to get out, piled up. Good theory, only they weren't in a pile when we picked her up. It's really not cool to escape. J over exaggerates and said "this is how we get dead babies". If she landed wrong, sadly, yes.

     A friend offered us her old race car bed that's just been sitting in a closet. We have to clean it, but that's ok. I am going to spray paint it with Krylon's GLOSSY WATERMELON colour. Every little girl needs a pink race car, right?!

      Let the Car Wars begin!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Doctor visit pals

     This morning we had another doctor's appointment with the physiotherapist. Nothing has changed.
      We have to go back to doing neckercise and wait to hear about getting a T.O.T collar. The only other option would be surgery, but the surgeon we saw said that it's not that bad anymore. So, we stretch and we wait.

     While we were at the Children's Outpatient, we ran into my best friend and her daughter. We hung out to be moral support while they were in their room. Kaelynn napped and I watched Thumbellina.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crib Wars Vol: 2

     I meant to write this lastnight, but I was too tired and then got distracted by Doctor Who on Netflix.
     We've started to attempt crib life again. I want to say that I have almost won the war, but I would be lying.
We played in the crib for about an hour yesterday..but then I had to pee. When I came back, she had thrown almost everything out and was losing her mind. We finished by having a nap in bed.
     Bed time came around and I crawled in the crib with her. 1.5 hours later, she was asleep, but I had to get out. Unfortunately, my attempt at crawling out made the vinyl crib mattress creak and she woke up. There was going to be no calming her down, so I brought her to bed with me. She eventually fell asleep clinging onto me - I Indian Jones'd her with a penguin until adult bed time.
     I love the munchkin, and I'm still wondering how someone so little can take up so much space.

Monday, June 2, 2014

First Dentist Appointment

     Today was the day. First dentist appointment.
     Kaelynn and daddy played with toys while I filled out paperwork. A dog came out the back room and baby was all "ooooooooh" and excited, as long as it stayed away. We were brought back to the piggy room.
      She was curious about the room and wanted to touch all the things while we waited. We placed her in the chair and she was playing with the spit sink.
     The dentist came in and put on her glove. She tried to place her finger in her mouth, and succeeded. She managed to feel angled bumps that are different than regular hard gum ridges. She said that hopefully this means teeth will be here soon. She left after saying bye bye to the dogs, getting a hand balloon and walking off with a Dixie cup.
     We were in the area and she was a good girl, so we got a banana milkshake before the bus. I feel like little miss drank most of mine.
     Depending on how her teeth come in, we will have to go back and they will give a referral to a pediatric dentist for xrays.
Despite having teeth, Dr.Ross said she looks like a happy and healthy girl.