Monday, June 23, 2014

Racecar Wars

   The bed is all done and brought up to the newly rearranged bedroom. We tried it out last night and it was a no go. I pretty much figured that it wouldn't be that simple.
     I nursed her in our bed. She fell asleep. I scooped her up while humming and rocked her until we got off the bed. I laid her in bed and turned on her Glow Worm. Success...for thirty minutes. Of course, she woke up when I started to fold laundry. She rolled out of bed and stood there angrily crying. The rest of the night was spent nursing, trying to put her down, crying, daddy explaining that this is her bed and he worked hard to make it pink for her. Finally, at 10pm, agreed that nap time, diaper changes and stories will happen in her bed for the next week.

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