Monday, June 2, 2014

First Dentist Appointment

     Today was the day. First dentist appointment.
     Kaelynn and daddy played with toys while I filled out paperwork. A dog came out the back room and baby was all "ooooooooh" and excited, as long as it stayed away. We were brought back to the piggy room.
      She was curious about the room and wanted to touch all the things while we waited. We placed her in the chair and she was playing with the spit sink.
     The dentist came in and put on her glove. She tried to place her finger in her mouth, and succeeded. She managed to feel angled bumps that are different than regular hard gum ridges. She said that hopefully this means teeth will be here soon. She left after saying bye bye to the dogs, getting a hand balloon and walking off with a Dixie cup.
     We were in the area and she was a good girl, so we got a banana milkshake before the bus. I feel like little miss drank most of mine.
     Depending on how her teeth come in, we will have to go back and they will give a referral to a pediatric dentist for xrays.
Despite having teeth, Dr.Ross said she looks like a happy and healthy girl.

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