Sunday, June 22, 2014

Skeleton Park Arts Festival

     Yesterday was a gorgeous day in town. On the spur of the moment, we decided to go downtown to the Skeleton Park Arts Festival. It helped that I had my iced tea tumbler from David's Tea to fill up (and baby had one too). Plus, I knew we would be spending time with a super amazing chainmail artist friend.
     I filled up my tumbler with Watermelon Mint iced tea and then made a pit stop to grab Tiffany a Chai Frappe from McDonald's. We got to the park and it was super busy, of course. We found them and dropped off our stuff at their table before exploring a bit.
      First stop, the park. Wild children were running all over. Kaelynn climbed up the slide and went down once. I decided it was far too full of larger, wilder children for a 16 month old to toddler about. We then walked along the path and checked out the booths and tables. A woman in a carrot suit scared her, otherwise she was.generally unimpressed.
      It was getting on in the afternoon, so we stood in line for a sausage from The Sleepless Goat. It was pricy (far more than I wanted to spend, I was hoping there would have been a $2 hot dog stand), but it was good. Lunch was sausage, bun, lots of fruit and really watered down iced tea for the little.
     We spent time oogling Tiffany's amazing work and watching her do her thing. I hope she didn't mind having a tiny baby around. I saw something adorable a few tables over and we went to look. I bought it. Kaelynn now is the owner of a small needlefelted Princess.
     It was getting onto 2 pm when I thought we should leave. She had no morning nap, was far to busy to just let her run around and burn herself out, and really...she needed a nap. Thankfully, she fell asleep on the bus. We took the long way home, and she slept the whole hour.
     It was a glorious afternoon in the park, and we even ran into friends and gave them hugs!
     If you're interested in seeing more of Tiffany's work, check out her Facebook page:

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