Sunday, June 15, 2014

16 Months Old

     Yesterday was a full day. Not only did Kaelynn turn 16 months, but we also had a baby meet/greet/shower to attend.

     Between last month and this month, not a lot has changed. She is still all over the place, not really talking (but gesturing like a pro), testing limits and doing anything to make people laugh.

     She is a sneaky monkey with no fear. Late night, we set a trap for her to see how she climbed out of her crib. Comforters, foam mats, bean bag chair and pillows on the floor, we were set. After 3 minutes, she had her arm pits over the bar and one leg up. Daddy ran in and saved her. We had the door open a crack, so she couldn't see us.

     At the baby shower, she was such q good girl. She was shy but social. She actually ate some food, and stole my short bread cookie. She played with balloons and even tried to give the baby a balloon. Everyone was commenting on how well behaved she was, how pretty she was and how well she listened. This bodes well for the wedding we're in next month!!

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