Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

     Tonight was Halloween. It was super fun.
      Daddy decorated the drive way and I took Kaelynn out. Daddy, his friend Aaron, and Aunt Sarah scared children and handed out candy. Daddy said "the screams fueled him" - weirdo. Halloween is the only holiday he really likes, so I guess that's acceptable.
     I made our Halloween costumes and made the masks for the scarecrows in the driveway: one for Aaron and one for a dummy. I was really happy when people knew who we were supposed to be. Daddy said I chose something "obscure", but I think it was cool. Another mother gave me a high five because it was awesome and she had just introduced her daughter to Rainbow Brite. A garage of 3 guys around my age knew who we were before we got there. They were so excited and gave extra candy. As we got further down the street, I could still hear them talking about Rainbow Brite.
     We were given extra candy because Kaelynn was so cute. I asked her to say please (peaaaas) and thank you (yoooou *with big puckered lips). One woman even told her to pick all she wanted, we were there a while. We hit almost all the houses in our complex that had their lights on before arriving home again. Some houses even warned us about "the scary house around the corner". I thanked them and said we lived there. They loved it- cute costumes and a scary house.
     We came home. Watched some Curious George and had warm drinks before a warm bubble bath. We split a fun size package of Smarties and went to bed. She has been asleep a while, daddy and his friend are playing video games and I am about ready to pass out.

     Happy Halloween!! I hope it was safe for everyone! <3

Saturday, October 18, 2014

20 Months.

     A few days have passed since she hit the 20 month mark. She has learned some new words, crawls into her own high chair now, and can now (sometimes) be convinced to go back to sleep in her bed once she wakes up in the night.

      Today was Community Day at the Cineplex Odeon. We decided to try taking.her to the theatre for the first time. If she lost her mind, it was free anyway.
       She did fantastic. She loved the popcorn. There will be more movies in her future, even if she kept trying to steal my.drink.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Pinterest Perfect

     My Pinterest is full of friends and family pinning perfect things. Pinterest seems to be a place where thumbs are more ambitious than actual motivation. Sometimes, I get inspired and attempt to make things. Sometimes, they turn out and other times, they don't. However; I sometimes get depressed.
     The prefectly decorated rooms. The sparse magazine look, that is not me. I have no idea what my decorating style is, but I feel like sometimes, if my house looked magazine quality that I would have hit the "grown up" milestone.

     Living in a magazine is not the proper environment for a toddler that loves to touch. We love to craft. We love to pull out all the toys and make messes. We love glitter, paint, and paper scraps.

     To me, a happy home is lived and loved in. Everyone is alive and the sound of toddler laughter bounces off the non-immaculately decorated walls. There are leftover toys on the floor come bed time, crayons stashed away so she can secretly colour and dirty dishes can wait til after baby bed time.

     As much as a perfectly clean, decorated, white house would be..heaven forbid someone finger paints with the free reign of happiness.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Moley. Moley. Molars.

     Teething is definitely not fun, but an integral part of growing up. I had thought canines were next, but after asking her to "show me your teeth" yesterday, it was confirmed that molars were in deed next.
     So far, it's been clingy and not sleeping though the night. Not wanting to spend time with her Dad, unless I leave the room. Thankfully so far, not many tiny terror days (but they're there). I've heard that molars are the worst, and it will get worse. We will see.