Thursday, April 30, 2015

Belated update

    It's been busy around here with a toddler and the nice weather.
   The pictures are updated from weeks 24 to 31 (today). Time is moving too fast. Approximately 9 weeks left.
I am feeling more pregnant now, as I get bigger. Everything is more awkward. I've been told that you feel things more the more kids you have.

     There seems to still be so much to do. The crib needs to be put up, but takes up less space by the wall. Diapers have been purchased. I bought a  one size bundle, so Kaelynn gets new diapers too (I admit, I bought doubles so they can have matching bums). I need to wash clothes, but I also need a new, clean tote to put them all in.

     Last weekend, Jake helped me with the belly cast. Kaelynn's was done at 38 weeks and she was born at 39 weeks. We figured it was better early than too late.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

     This past weekend (ok, today is Sunday), was Easter Weekend.

      We had no plans at all. Daddy had the day off and we stuck around home. We went outside to slide and draw with chalk. It was a relaxing day.
     Yesterday morning, we went to a petting zoo at a local toy store. Kaelynn saw rabbits, chicks, kids and lambs. She was loving the baby goats.
    That afternoon we came home to have lunch and nap. We then drove to the great grandparents house. There was bubble playing, a mini egg hunt, dinner and cake. Kaelynn ate A LOT of dinner, loved her icing on the cake. Then, she worked off her energy with.her cousin by playing horse.
     Today, we've relaxed again. Movies, playing, a long nap while I drew on diaper shirts, tea party (where she abandoned me).