Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My love of toys

     I am so happy that I have a baby girl, it means I get to play with all the toys I used to have - if she will let me.
     The toys I have fallen in love with purchasing are Little People. I am not a real fan of the play sets, but show me individual people and I'm like "I need this".               
     They are perfect for her tiny hands and they fit in her mouth without posing as a choking hazard. Daddy can even play with them, even if we have mainly Girl types. Currently, he is pretending Kaelynn is a monster and the ostrich is a chocobo and the princesses are from Final Fantasy. Kaelynn is screaming with delight.

     When it comes to purchasing, I've come to realize I have to be selective. It's rare that you get coupons, but they do go on sale. While at Target, I fell in love with Arial as a mermaid, Prince Eric and their seashell carriage. However, it scanned it at $32. We were at Wal-Mart, I saw the same thing for $26. On, I've never seen a deal. Looking around is awesome.

    Long story short, this girl will have lots of Little People in the future. I'm hoping for Easter, she will get a few new figurines. 

Monday, February 24, 2014


     Tonight at dinner, the topic of where MY baby sleep came up. I have no idea how, but it's come up before and it's always the same thing with the same person (and with the same words).
     We live with a housemate and a sister in law. The housemate (never married, no kids, of course knows best) rambled on about how his co-workers child slept in his mom's bed until he was 2 and it took 5 years to get him into his own bed, including having a bed for mom in his room. He then goes on to say we should let her scream in her crib for 20 mins and she will pass out - after a few nights she will learn.

     1- we do not cry it out. Tried it once when she was little and just no.
     2- she will scream and cry and sweat and cry and not sleep at all.
     3- where MY baby sleeps is personal and my own business.

     She is able to fall asleep in our bed. We are able to fall asleep in our bed. I don't have to get up to feed her or cuddle her if she wakes up in a panic. I have started to try to transfer her over, but putting her in wakes her up. There are nights where we get feet in the face, sleepless nights where she just wants to play because we are in close proximity. I can't sleep on my belly, flailed out anymore because someone else is in bed...but I wouldn't change it right now. 
     Notice I am saying all this in a mommy voice?! It's because daddy has nothing to do with bedtime.I get her ready. I nurse her to sleep. I transfer her (try to).  

     Therefore, it's MY business. When the time comes to actually have her in her own bed,alone, we will figure that out.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

12 month doctors appointment

     Today was her 12 month doctors appointment and shots. Everything started out okay, until we were almost downtown.
     The front of the bus was empty, except for Kaelynn in her Ergo and myself. A middle aged, over weight man got on and chose to sit right beside us. He fell ontop or us and only said sorry. I bent as forward as I can and helped him up. He was fine. Kaelynn not so much. She instantly started to cry. The only way to calm her was to rub her ear.

     We get to the doctor's office and everything was fine...until she got naked and weighed. As soon as the doctor came in, she was super clingy to me and screaming MAMAMAMAMA! Definitely not happy. Our only concern was her teeth, that she has none. If at her 15 month appointment she has none, then we figure out why.
     The doctor said that she was petite, and that their measuring system was so accurate (he was being sarcastic). She might be tiny, but she's on a good curve upwards.

     Height: 2 ft 3 3/4 inch (70.5 cm) 15%
     Weight: 18.7lbs (8.don't know) 35%

     We had to wait around for 20 extra minutes due to the shots. She had milkies and fell asleep. I had to figure out how to get her ready and in her Ergo. In the end, I managed to keep her half asleep while I put her in the Ergo. I stuffed snow pants in my diapers bag, put her coat around her and put her in my coat. Good thing it was such a mild day and not raining yet.

"Having a baby is like having a Camero. You dont know how many there are until you have your own".

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Other people's children

     This past weekend was a go go go kind of weekend : 3 days of birthday and a bridal shower. The bridal shower is what brings me to this post. Every mother should be concerned about their own child, not what any other child is doing.
     We left our house around 11am and I had hoped for a car nap, but that never happened. When we arrived at our destination, she was awake and curious.
     The hostess offered to let Kaelynn sleep in her bed surrounded by pillows. I said " no thank you, she doesn't sleep alone". Plus, pillows won't keep my child in a bed, but I kept that to myself. She then commented that she was working with a 4 month old girl in daycare and got her to have 2 naps a day. That's all well and good, but that child is in a familiar space, familiar face, and is 4 months old. Mine has already had a busy weekend, in a new space, new faces and is 1 year old (already has some what of a routine).
     Everything was going well, people were showing up. She was walking around the floor close to me and my friends. The hostess kept coming up and getting in her face. Baby girl kept getting visibly upset and off she would go again. A family member of hers was there with a 6 month old girl. She kept fawning over her saying things like "oooh you just love people". I kept thinking "people she knows".
     Around 3pm, she started to get really fussy. Thank heavens for the Ergo.I strapped her in and bounced her asleep. Believe me. I got some weird looks from a room full of women/mothers.
     I was also told from the bride that she told the hostess that I breastfeed (after meeting her, I understood why she was told). Hostess was apparently so concerned that I would be flashing people. One of my best friends that was with us tends to show more cleavage daily that what I do when feeding. Good thing Kaelynn was so concerned with everything else going on and was not having anything to do with feeding - she made up for that once we got home.

     Moral of my rant: we are all women and adults and mothers. Relax. Breathe. The saying "mother knows best" is true...if you're the mother of the child.
     Stop the judging. Stop the looks. Stop trying to control situations that will not concern you at the end of the day.


     I have always strived to be organized but have never done the follow through. I would start something and then get bored or distracted. Since becoming a mom and having house mates, things have gotten better.
     The first step was a joke with my guy. I'm the one that does everything & got fed up. I said I would get a label maker and make him put his own things away. DONE. I bought a label maker that week from Staples and started to get to work. His dresser, Kaelynn's dresser, kitchen cupboards and even light switches. I pulled it out again and labeled some bins on the toy shelf.
    However, I just got made fun of for labeling what goes in what bin. I resisted the urge to take a pic of what toy belongs in what spot. It's neat and "organized" now. This way everything can get put back in its place and is easily sight inventoried.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

First birthday

     It's been a crazy busy 3 days of birthday celebration.
     Thursday afternoon we got together with grandpa and had a birthday lunch and cake pickup. Afterwards, we went around picking up last minute party things: balloons, helium, babygate that was on sale.
Grandpa got her a most Canadian book (I want my hat back) and I got a copy of The Paperbag Princess. We came home, had a nap and started to get ready for the at home festivities.
     In the morning, I started off by baking cupcakes. One box of devils food and one box of white. The white ones I swirled food colouring in. After they were cool, I hollowed them out and put them away in a safe spot.
     Around noon, my mom, little brother and his girlfriend came over.
We opened gifts (a TY unicorn and Share Bear). Eric and his girlfriend left, and we had dinner (lasagna and bread and salad). I clearly didn't think anything through. We had cake and then presents from the family. In between, she had a quick bath. She loved her cupcake and didn't even try the icing. I'm a little sad she didn't face plant in her boob cake. She was unsure about it, even after we broke it up.
     Thankfully, she didn't get a sugar high...but was still awake until midnight. I'm blaming the full moon.

     I was up early to make eggs benedict for friends that were coming over to help me set up. Good thing I had already decorated. Streamers and balloons all over.
    Around noon friends started to arrive. A few friends couldn't make it due to illness, but it was a full on baby invasion.
     There were a lot of snacks, talking, not a lot of crying babies. Some of my friends came, Jake's aunt and cousin, and Kaelynn's babies.
     She received lots of clothes and thoughtful gifts. She is so lucky to have so many people that care about her.
     I can't even really put into words this weekend..and it's not over yet. Tomorrow we have a bridal shower for a wedding that we are in this summer.
    Next post will have pictures when we get them back. I have 2 lovely friends that have amazing cameras.
Baby Invasion

Every one is busy prepping

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quick Quiche

     This morning I wanted eggs for breakfast, but I wanted something different. We had a ham for dinner lastnight, I'm not a fan unless it's IN something. I cleaned the kitchen and then cooked. It made it quicker that baby was still asleep.

4 eggs, beaten well
1 chopped onion
1 clove garlic
1 cup ham cubes
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
2 tbsp olive oil
1 cup Bisquick
Salt, pepper, Italian seasoning to taste.
Cooking spray
1 tbsp bread crumbs
1 pie pan

1- preheat oven to 350*
2- spray pie tin and add bread crumbs, shake along the bottom to make even
3- beat eggs well and add all ingredients, combine well
4- spread evenly into prepared pie pan
5- bake 45-60 minutes

     I baked mine for 45mins and it came out perfect. Of course, you can add anything you want to a quiche, I used what was on hand. Spinach and parmesan or feta would have been amazing. <3

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sound asleep

     Tonight is the first night that I've been able to get her to sleep without nursing. It was surprisingly hard, yet easy at the same time. For almost a year, she has been nursed to sleep every night and nap. After lastnight's horrible sleep, I needed to figure something out.
    Lastnight, bed time was perfect...except for the waking at midnight and then wanting to play until 2 am. Today, I was a zombie.
     Tonight, she had a mini nap (bad) and then woke up full of beans. She was jumping around the bed, making a nest, talking to the wall, harassing the cat, and trying to escape. Daddy is gone, babysitting someone else's kid, and I was left alone with this wild monkey. All evening, I was trying to nurse her down, but then she would get distracted. It was a case of "ooooh the wall. Oooh boob. Oooh ribbon on mama's housecoat. Ooooh boooooob". I was getting fed up.
     I grabbed her soft blankie and lay it down to swaddle her. She grabbed one corner, let me fold up the feet and grabbed for the other corner. Little baby burrito with her arms out. Next came the hard.part. I lay her against my chest and just held her, not letting her go. There was resistance. There was crying. There were forehead kisses and humming. Then she started to "wash her hands", suck her fingers and sing her sleepy song. Passed out without nursing. Win.
     The hard part is going to be transferring her to beside me.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mother's daughter

"I felt you. You were a pea. Then a lemon. Then an eggplant. I followed advice. I read twelve books. I quit coffee. Could you tell I was scared?
I talked to you, sang to you... I wasn't ready. But then you were here. Ten toes. Eight pounds.
Love. Big fat love.
I held you. I fed you. I realized that I would spend my life doing things to make you happy -- and that that would make me happy. And then there are the times I want to give up. You've made me rethink my sanity. You've made me want to fall on my mother's feet and tell her that I get it.
But then you smile and you say my name -- and you grab my hand with those little fingers. We're growing together. We are seeing the world like it's new. I will open my heart and love will rain down all over you. You'll giggle, and I'll do it all over again.
And we will walk hand in hand. Until you let go. I made you, but you made me a mother."


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pinch to grow an inch

     With Kaelynn's birthday 11 days away, I got my butt in gear and worked on her growth chart. I already have a keepsake of her feet, with the cedar plank piece from my chart I am planning on making a hand print each year.

     A piece of cedar fence plank-$7
     A can of mis-mixed paint - $3
     Dollar store stickers and paints- $3
     Keeping track of growth - Priceless

     The day of her family birthday dinner, when everyone is around, I will record her height.

     I plan on adding to it: underneath the 1 ft I am going to put her birth stats (since she is taller than a foot).
     I got the idea from Pinterest, but of course I feel like it's not as good as the ones I saw online. I am hoping that she grows up to love it still. <3


Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter fun

     Winter is almost over and so far it seems like the bitterly cold is over. We had a dumping of snow and daddy decided to do something with the giant snow bank in the backyard.
     Daddy made a slide.
   It's still a work in progress, we tested it out just now. It's a perfect fit for her, but it didn't get super icy. Another pitcher of water, digging out the side to reach her better, and after something with food colouring, we should get a super slide!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

"That" mom

     I always knew I would be "that" mom, the sentimental mom that wants to remember everything. I just never knew to what extent it would do.
     We are 14 days away from Kaelynn turning one. Time really has flown and I am trying my best to make sure I have things to physically hold from when she was little.
     When she was 10 weeks old, I made a salt dough ornament of her foot. Every 10 weeks after, I made a new one. Today we just did her 50 week (give or take a bit) foot print. I bake them, finish letting them dry in the air, paint them alternating colours and glaze them.
     Everyday, I feel like I take a million pictures of her. I ordered a SnapFish photo book for her birthday: a book of firsts. I hope to order one every year. Picking 20 pictures out of 2,000 is hard.

     I feel like everything I do will make a great keepsake for her as we both grow up.