Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sound asleep

     Tonight is the first night that I've been able to get her to sleep without nursing. It was surprisingly hard, yet easy at the same time. For almost a year, she has been nursed to sleep every night and nap. After lastnight's horrible sleep, I needed to figure something out.
    Lastnight, bed time was perfect...except for the waking at midnight and then wanting to play until 2 am. Today, I was a zombie.
     Tonight, she had a mini nap (bad) and then woke up full of beans. She was jumping around the bed, making a nest, talking to the wall, harassing the cat, and trying to escape. Daddy is gone, babysitting someone else's kid, and I was left alone with this wild monkey. All evening, I was trying to nurse her down, but then she would get distracted. It was a case of "ooooh the wall. Oooh boob. Oooh ribbon on mama's housecoat. Ooooh boooooob". I was getting fed up.
     I grabbed her soft blankie and lay it down to swaddle her. She grabbed one corner, let me fold up the feet and grabbed for the other corner. Little baby burrito with her arms out. Next came the hard.part. I lay her against my chest and just held her, not letting her go. There was resistance. There was crying. There were forehead kisses and humming. Then she started to "wash her hands", suck her fingers and sing her sleepy song. Passed out without nursing. Win.
     The hard part is going to be transferring her to beside me.

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