Thursday, February 20, 2014

12 month doctors appointment

     Today was her 12 month doctors appointment and shots. Everything started out okay, until we were almost downtown.
     The front of the bus was empty, except for Kaelynn in her Ergo and myself. A middle aged, over weight man got on and chose to sit right beside us. He fell ontop or us and only said sorry. I bent as forward as I can and helped him up. He was fine. Kaelynn not so much. She instantly started to cry. The only way to calm her was to rub her ear.

     We get to the doctor's office and everything was fine...until she got naked and weighed. As soon as the doctor came in, she was super clingy to me and screaming MAMAMAMAMA! Definitely not happy. Our only concern was her teeth, that she has none. If at her 15 month appointment she has none, then we figure out why.
     The doctor said that she was petite, and that their measuring system was so accurate (he was being sarcastic). She might be tiny, but she's on a good curve upwards.

     Height: 2 ft 3 3/4 inch (70.5 cm) 15%
     Weight: 18.7lbs (8.don't know) 35%

     We had to wait around for 20 extra minutes due to the shots. She had milkies and fell asleep. I had to figure out how to get her ready and in her Ergo. In the end, I managed to keep her half asleep while I put her in the Ergo. I stuffed snow pants in my diapers bag, put her coat around her and put her in my coat. Good thing it was such a mild day and not raining yet.

"Having a baby is like having a Camero. You dont know how many there are until you have your own".

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  1. I got some ribbon today at Micheals so I can work on her quiet book :) I don't think it will help IN the doctors, but it may distract her while in the waiting room.