Monday, February 24, 2014


     Tonight at dinner, the topic of where MY baby sleep came up. I have no idea how, but it's come up before and it's always the same thing with the same person (and with the same words).
     We live with a housemate and a sister in law. The housemate (never married, no kids, of course knows best) rambled on about how his co-workers child slept in his mom's bed until he was 2 and it took 5 years to get him into his own bed, including having a bed for mom in his room. He then goes on to say we should let her scream in her crib for 20 mins and she will pass out - after a few nights she will learn.

     1- we do not cry it out. Tried it once when she was little and just no.
     2- she will scream and cry and sweat and cry and not sleep at all.
     3- where MY baby sleeps is personal and my own business.

     She is able to fall asleep in our bed. We are able to fall asleep in our bed. I don't have to get up to feed her or cuddle her if she wakes up in a panic. I have started to try to transfer her over, but putting her in wakes her up. There are nights where we get feet in the face, sleepless nights where she just wants to play because we are in close proximity. I can't sleep on my belly, flailed out anymore because someone else is in bed...but I wouldn't change it right now. 
     Notice I am saying all this in a mommy voice?! It's because daddy has nothing to do with bedtime.I get her ready. I nurse her to sleep. I transfer her (try to).  

     Therefore, it's MY business. When the time comes to actually have her in her own bed,alone, we will figure that out.

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  1. Is your roommate going to get her to sleep every night? No? Then they can kindly mind their own business.

    It's not their child, or their bed, so it doesn't concern them. You are doing what's best for your family.

    No kid sleeps with their parents forever.