Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My love of toys

     I am so happy that I have a baby girl, it means I get to play with all the toys I used to have - if she will let me.
     The toys I have fallen in love with purchasing are Little People. I am not a real fan of the play sets, but show me individual people and I'm like "I need this".               
     They are perfect for her tiny hands and they fit in her mouth without posing as a choking hazard. Daddy can even play with them, even if we have mainly Girl types. Currently, he is pretending Kaelynn is a monster and the ostrich is a chocobo and the princesses are from Final Fantasy. Kaelynn is screaming with delight.

     When it comes to purchasing, I've come to realize I have to be selective. It's rare that you get coupons, but they do go on sale. While at Target, I fell in love with Arial as a mermaid, Prince Eric and their seashell carriage. However, it scanned it at $32. We were at Wal-Mart, I saw the same thing for $26. On, I've never seen a deal. Looking around is awesome.

    Long story short, this girl will have lots of Little People in the future. I'm hoping for Easter, she will get a few new figurines. 

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