Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Again with the physio

     After a night of Kaelynn waking every 30 mins, we had to wake up bright and early for physiotherapy.
    We were ready and had to leave to catch the 9:05am bus. We get out there at 8:50am and I had to run with her in her Ergo. We made it to the bus without slipping or dying.
     A resident of the doctor saw us first and asked questions. She was interested in how it was going and in how she was walking (which had nothing to do with her neck). The doctor came in and said that she has a good range of motion, it's just the tilt that needs to get strengthened still.        A social worker for the hospital came to talk to us about our options for getting the T.O.T collar for her (stuff happened not to long ago and daddy isn't working). She is supposed to call me tomorrow with what she can do for us.

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