Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The ties that bind us

     When Kaelynn naps, I poke around her mouth looking for teeth. I've also been looking at her ties.
     Ever since she was tinytiny, when I started Teeth Watch, I noticed her tongue and the connector between her top lip and gums.
     Her tongue has heart shaped curves to it. I thought it was weird and mentioned it to some people before and they made me feel like I was over analyzing my child. Since then, I've kept my mouth shut.
Yesterday, I managed to get a picture of her top gums. I posted it in a group on Facebook where some crazy mom friends are. A mom friend (or a few) familiar with lip/tongue ties agreed that she had them. After a Google search, that explained a lot.
     Tongue tied babies usually have slow starting growth, moms have a lower milk supply due to ineffective suckling, milk goes out the side of her mouth when nursing (I thought she just had too much in her mouth, but if she can't fully roll her.tongue around the nipple...).
     Her posterior tongue tie and her lip tie have not stopped her from nursing or talking. I've heard that once teeth come in at the top, I will feel them more (most likely). She could also have speech issues, but we won't know about those until she is much older.

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