Friday, March 14, 2014

13 months old

     Today Kaelynn is 13 months old. It is also her dad's birthday.
     We spent the morning drawing pictures for daddy, then we got ready to go swimming with some friends.
     At the pool, stubborn baby decided she wanted to try to swim by herself and kept trying to escape. She loved the water, even if it was a bit cold. We spent about 2 hours in the pool. She loved watching the big girls swim around and playing with daddy.
I am excited that we got her a small pool for herself. However, her swim diaper JUST fit. Time to save up for a new one.
     So many crazy things are going on with her. She is saying more "words". Mama, Dada, dat (that), kiki (cat), rahrah (Sarah?),hi, yea, yum. She is all over the place & has started to explore the stairs willingly. There are no teeth, but it looks like one (or two) are trying to break the surface. I am hoping teeth are on the way,  she's not sleeping too well. She is still into everything. If you get her attention and tell her "no", she will run over, put her head on you and go "hi" all high pitched and cute.

     We are still nursing and she is eating all the food...even gets mad if you don't share Oreos.
      This small little child is my heart.

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