Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pumpkinfest 2015

     Today, we went to PumpkinFest in Battersea, Ontario.
Cookie decorating, face painting, balloons, animals, pony AND train rides  = toddler heaven.

    We went with Kaelynn's best friend and her amazing mom. Harlow slept basically the whole time in the Ergo.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

One month doctor visit

   Last week Harlow had her 6 week appointment at the Doctors. Her health was perfect and the resident doctor loved her.
She has(d) a diaper rash and I'm attributing it to a sensitivity to Kirkland wipes. I used cloths on her behind and slathered her in zinc cream. It's clearing up nicely.
     Harlow might be getting teeth. The other day I noticed white buds. I can also feel bumps when I run my finger through her mouth. We'll see when they actually pop through.

     Since getting the ties released, she seems to generally be happier.
I think she's fitting in well.

Weight: 10.35lbs (+~2lbs)
Length: 21.85in (+~1.5")

Friday, July 24, 2015

Grows and Gains

I'm feeling all kinds of mommy guilt.
I went back in my blog to read about Kaelynn's first month, because Harlow's a month today.
Kaelynn was having weekly weigh ins from birth and just regained birth weight at a month and a half. At 1 month, she was 6lbs 9oz (7lbs 4oz at birth).
Due to her ties and my hormonal issues (PCOS), she just wasn't gaining fast enough. I didn't know what we could do to fix her. The lactation consultant we had, gave me bad information (same one for Harlow too).
I showed Jake the side by side of Harlow and he said "she looks good, she was too skinny".
I look at Kaelynn's pics and she was too skinny.
The things we know now. If I could, I would go back and fix Kaelynn's mouth too. Obviously, she's fine now..but that would explain why she never slept, constantly nursing and was only semi happy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jack Newman Breastfeeding Clinic

     Early last Thursday, we dropped Kaelynn off at my moms and headed towards Toronto. We were going to The Newman International Breastfeeding Clinic.
     Harlow was born with a lip and tongue tie that was causing pain and feeding issues. It needed to be corrected. With the help of people close to us, we were able to raise funds to make the trip.
     At the clinic, they assessed her and myself. It was determined that she did have ties and we weren't crazy. It was a simple procedure to get them releases though.

     Everything worked out and instantly nursing was pain free. I was given instructions on how to do stretches to help them not reattach & a recommendation for herbs for me to take. So far, I think the Motherlove MORE MILK PLUS is helping.

    We have a follow-up appointment this Thursday to check her mouth out again and make sure everything is how it should be. Here's hoping gas isn't extreme and PAN AM traffic is manageable.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


     Welcome to the birth story post.
     Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 at 1:09pm, we welcomed Harlow Grace into the world: 20 inches long, 8lbs 1oz, and a whole head of hair.

     Sunday night, we go to Labour and Delivery because I'm feeling weird and contractions every 4-10 mins. I was told not to chance it, so we went early. I was 5cm dilated and told to walk around for an hour. No change, so sent home.
     Monday, I had a stretch & sweep. I guess it got everything going.
     Tuesday, cramping and pain. Went to Labour and Delivery again. Sent home again as there was no change.
     Wednesday, up all night with contractions. Around 3am, we went because I was about 5 mins apart. They check and I am 6cm dilated. I get to stay and wait it out. It was a busy day.
No change after hours of waiting, except my contractions have stopped.
Around 11am, they break my water.
Harlow arrived around 1:09pm.
Believe me when I say that I prefer butt babies over head babies.
     We had to wait in our birthing room until almost 6pm for them to find us a room. It was so busy that I got a semi-private room for free.

     Everything is perfect about her, even if we have to keep an eye on her for jaundice & she has a bad lip tie (that we're getting fixed).

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What's been going on..

     This Thursday, I am 39 weeks.
I am currently blogging from the bath tub due to contractions.
     Contractions started Sunday at 9:30am and went until about 7pm. We went to Labour and Delivery where we found out I was already 5cm dilated. They wanted us to stay and walk around for 2 hours. No change. We were sent home. Contractions were not as intense..until bed time. They started and went on all night: 40seconds long, intervals of 10 mins.
     Monday, I had a doctor's appointment and had a sweep done. Thankfully, my mom came over and put Kaelynn down for a nap, while I napped. I started to lose some plug around dinner time.           
Contractions all night long again.
     Kaelynn went to her great aunts house.for the morning/afternoon. Daddy and I went to Labour and Delivery again.
Everything was still the same.

     Everything is still the same. Contractions every 10 mins that last 40 seconds or longer.

Friday, May 22, 2015

34 weeks

    Yesterday, I hit the 34 week mark. It was also a doctor appointment day.
     I've gained about 30 pounds (sad), even if they said my weight looks good. There was glucose in my urine sample. When poked, I was a 4.2 which is normal.

     After my appointment, when I got home, everything seemed to have gone down hill.
      Walking got hard and painful. There was lots of pressure around my hips and pelvis. When I'd walk, I'd feel a shooting pain from my right heel all the way up to my pelvis. I had to crawl up the stairs to change clothes/take a bath. A warm bath and sleep didn't help anything. Even rolling over in my sleep hurt, I had to wake up first. It even hurts to sit, there's a lot of pressure.
     When she makes waves, I feel nauseated.
     I don't remember this with Kaelynn.
     Today is a take it easy day...toddler allowing.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Belated update

    It's been busy around here with a toddler and the nice weather.
   The pictures are updated from weeks 24 to 31 (today). Time is moving too fast. Approximately 9 weeks left.
I am feeling more pregnant now, as I get bigger. Everything is more awkward. I've been told that you feel things more the more kids you have.

     There seems to still be so much to do. The crib needs to be put up, but takes up less space by the wall. Diapers have been purchased. I bought a  one size bundle, so Kaelynn gets new diapers too (I admit, I bought doubles so they can have matching bums). I need to wash clothes, but I also need a new, clean tote to put them all in.

     Last weekend, Jake helped me with the belly cast. Kaelynn's was done at 38 weeks and she was born at 39 weeks. We figured it was better early than too late.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

     This past weekend (ok, today is Sunday), was Easter Weekend.

      We had no plans at all. Daddy had the day off and we stuck around home. We went outside to slide and draw with chalk. It was a relaxing day.
     Yesterday morning, we went to a petting zoo at a local toy store. Kaelynn saw rabbits, chicks, kids and lambs. She was loving the baby goats.
    That afternoon we came home to have lunch and nap. We then drove to the great grandparents house. There was bubble playing, a mini egg hunt, dinner and cake. Kaelynn ate A LOT of dinner, loved her icing on the cake. Then, she worked off her energy with.her cousin by playing horse.
     Today, we've relaxed again. Movies, playing, a long nap while I drew on diaper shirts, tea party (where she abandoned me).

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ask and ye shall receive

     It's snack time and we are watching Aladdin and munching on popcorn. Kaelynn asked to watch "Abu" after bringing down her Aladdin story book. She asked so clearly and nicely, that she got what she wanted. When she asks for what she wants, and it's clear enough, she usually gets it. However, she did ask to eat her chocolate bunny for breakfast - she did not get that.
     Saturday, we were working with her word cards and Daddy said I was the only one to understand her. It's frustrating because it's partially true. You just need to stop and think.

      Along with the words, comes potty frustrations. She's very good about asking to "peepoop" when she wakes up. Yesterday on the bus home, she was losing her mind crying because she was asking to go to the bathroom. We got home, rushed upstairs and she went. Two stickers for her. Same thing this morning, only no crying. Two more potty stickers.

      Everyday has it's small challenges but they bring great rewards.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Almost 27 week doctor appointment

     This Doctors visit was the last of the every 4 week appointments. Hello 3 weeks for the next one (doctor is away), and then to every 2 weeks. That's going to wreck havoc on my traveling, as we can no longer walk there.

     I have no gestational diabetes, blood work is good. Everything is good.
I asked about how much weight I've gained, about 20lbs. They think it's mainly water weight since I'm not really that large.

     The doctor was trying to find her head and couldn't figure out where was where. Then she tried to find the heart beat, nope. She asked me where I last felt a kick. Unsure, I pointed to lower right side. She found the heart beat (138) right away. She guessed that Baby Beard was sleeping in a ball.  Mother's intuition is correct sometimes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


     I decided to get crafty and make some sibling diaper shirts. Thankfully, I found a 24 month one at Toys R Us. Kaelynn will out grow it, but it can be tucked into pants or a skirt.
     The diaper shirts were white, so I had to dye them. Not too hard or time consuming. Just messy when a big belly is in the way.
After getting washed and dried, I was all set to paint. I traced the pictures and then cut it all out to make a stencil. I used chalk to trace the stencil onto the shirts.
I used a yellow paint marker, but they didn't show up over the red and black shirts. If I had white on hand, I would have done that first. In the end, I used my gold. Now it has a pretty sparkle to it.

     Kaelynn LOVES Batman. When I was tracing them onto paper she was getting so excited. She watches Justice League almost every night and makes us sing the theme song.

     After pictures of her holding the shirts, she wanted to wear it. She is the BAT!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Big Girl Room

     The other day I heard Sleep Sheep over the baby monitor. I shouldn't have as it was on the shelf above her bed. I go upstairs, and she's scrambling to put it back. Busted. Grabbing for her sheep and stacking her bedding to open the window finally made Daddy decide to give her her own space. She's been sleeping throughout the night most nights and seems to be doing better alone.

     This weekend was the time. Daddy spent the morning rearranging our bedroom and her bedroom. I organized.
It was lunch and then nap time.

     She seemed impressed and confused. She went into our room and when asked where her bed was, she didn't know. She loved that she had Frozen wall decals, ALL her books, and the big chair.
     She wanted me to sit in her chair and wait for her after her book. When she was reading, I snuck out. She eventually had a 2 hour nap - I had to go wake her up around 4. She's currently up there with Daddy. Will tonight be a sleep through the night night? Will I have to stumble down the hall and over a baby gate to comfort her?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Quiet time

     Nap time has evolved from having to fall asleep on me, to having to breastfeed in bed, to being left in the bedroom alone.

     Nap time routine is now the same as Bed time. She crawls into bed and gets one story. Tucked in. Sleep Sheep on. Hug and kiss. I turn the monitor on and leave the room. Sometimes, she demands "on bed". I'll sit on our bed and then leave when she gets preoccupied. If I stay too long, she'll play.

      Sometimes she will read. Sometimes she will sleep. And sometimes she will do both after a while. Either way, she ends up getting about an hour of HER time and I can do whatever I want that's not toddler or even chore related.

Friday, March 6, 2015

23 weeks

     Starting to feel pregnant. Sitting on the floor, belly bouncing and just everyday things seem more complex. I even merged both baby's names when talking today. Oops. Staying up past 10pm is getting hard and staying awake during nap time too - I like ME time.

Getting crafty!!

     Jake's bday is upon us. He picked his one birthday gift, so he'd get the right headphones. It's not a real birthday unless there's a surprise.
     I have had The Daddy Massage Shirt pinned for a while and this was the perfect reason to make it.
     I printed out the the template and then added my own details, like bushes, bird, flowers, bday cake and a cat up a tree.
I used fabric markers and they have a learning curve. It's best to colour along the grain of the shirt (duh).

     The cost of the markers & 2 shirts from Michael's, with 40% one item coupon, came to $24something. Why 2 shirts? I'm going to make a tracing shirt for myself.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

20 weeks

22 weeks

     I've gained about 15 lbs already (but haven't really been tracking, so I'm not sure if that's accurate).
     The round ligament pain is really getting to me. Being pregnant with a toddler in the winter sucks. If I go anywhere, I need to bring the stroller to carry the toddler and my stuff. It's awkward carrying bags and making her walk. It would also take a life time to get anywhere. There are MANY parts of town that aren't plowed, I have to push the stroller super hard or carry it over mini snow banks. Afterwards, all the pains.

     At my doctor's appointment yesterday, we're measuring accordingly. Due date is still on track for July 2 2015.
At the 18 week ultrasound, she was breech and I'm pretty sure she still is. I get super strong, painful belly button kicks.

21 weeks

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sleeping through

     I don't want to jinx anything, but I think she's finally sleeping through the night. It's been happening for about a month. Sometimes, she will wake up and leave her bed for a cuddle, but after 1 min I tell her to go back to bed and that I'm right here. She does go back, covers herself up and goes to sleep.

     I am hoping this bodes well for when we change the dressing room back into her bedroom. The next moving challenge will be fitting the dressers and a crib into our bedroom.