Friday, May 22, 2015

34 weeks

    Yesterday, I hit the 34 week mark. It was also a doctor appointment day.
     I've gained about 30 pounds (sad), even if they said my weight looks good. There was glucose in my urine sample. When poked, I was a 4.2 which is normal.

     After my appointment, when I got home, everything seemed to have gone down hill.
      Walking got hard and painful. There was lots of pressure around my hips and pelvis. When I'd walk, I'd feel a shooting pain from my right heel all the way up to my pelvis. I had to crawl up the stairs to change clothes/take a bath. A warm bath and sleep didn't help anything. Even rolling over in my sleep hurt, I had to wake up first. It even hurts to sit, there's a lot of pressure.
     When she makes waves, I feel nauseated.
     I don't remember this with Kaelynn.
     Today is a take it easy day...toddler allowing.

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