Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What's been going on..

     This Thursday, I am 39 weeks.
I am currently blogging from the bath tub due to contractions.
     Contractions started Sunday at 9:30am and went until about 7pm. We went to Labour and Delivery where we found out I was already 5cm dilated. They wanted us to stay and walk around for 2 hours. No change. We were sent home. Contractions were not as intense..until bed time. They started and went on all night: 40seconds long, intervals of 10 mins.
     Monday, I had a doctor's appointment and had a sweep done. Thankfully, my mom came over and put Kaelynn down for a nap, while I napped. I started to lose some plug around dinner time.           
Contractions all night long again.
     Kaelynn went to her great aunts house.for the morning/afternoon. Daddy and I went to Labour and Delivery again.
Everything was still the same.

     Everything is still the same. Contractions every 10 mins that last 40 seconds or longer.

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