Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ask and ye shall receive

     It's snack time and we are watching Aladdin and munching on popcorn. Kaelynn asked to watch "Abu" after bringing down her Aladdin story book. She asked so clearly and nicely, that she got what she wanted. When she asks for what she wants, and it's clear enough, she usually gets it. However, she did ask to eat her chocolate bunny for breakfast - she did not get that.
     Saturday, we were working with her word cards and Daddy said I was the only one to understand her. It's frustrating because it's partially true. You just need to stop and think.

      Along with the words, comes potty frustrations. She's very good about asking to "peepoop" when she wakes up. Yesterday on the bus home, she was losing her mind crying because she was asking to go to the bathroom. We got home, rushed upstairs and she went. Two stickers for her. Same thing this morning, only no crying. Two more potty stickers.

      Everyday has it's small challenges but they bring great rewards.

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