Monday, March 30, 2015

Almost 27 week doctor appointment

     This Doctors visit was the last of the every 4 week appointments. Hello 3 weeks for the next one (doctor is away), and then to every 2 weeks. That's going to wreck havoc on my traveling, as we can no longer walk there.

     I have no gestational diabetes, blood work is good. Everything is good.
I asked about how much weight I've gained, about 20lbs. They think it's mainly water weight since I'm not really that large.

     The doctor was trying to find her head and couldn't figure out where was where. Then she tried to find the heart beat, nope. She asked me where I last felt a kick. Unsure, I pointed to lower right side. She found the heart beat (138) right away. She guessed that Baby Beard was sleeping in a ball.  Mother's intuition is correct sometimes.

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