Tuesday, March 3, 2015

22 weeks

     I've gained about 15 lbs already (but haven't really been tracking, so I'm not sure if that's accurate).
     The round ligament pain is really getting to me. Being pregnant with a toddler in the winter sucks. If I go anywhere, I need to bring the stroller to carry the toddler and my stuff. It's awkward carrying bags and making her walk. It would also take a life time to get anywhere. There are MANY parts of town that aren't plowed, I have to push the stroller super hard or carry it over mini snow banks. Afterwards, all the pains.

     At my doctor's appointment yesterday, we're measuring accordingly. Due date is still on track for July 2 2015.
At the 18 week ultrasound, she was breech and I'm pretty sure she still is. I get super strong, painful belly button kicks.

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