Sunday, March 22, 2015

Big Girl Room

     The other day I heard Sleep Sheep over the baby monitor. I shouldn't have as it was on the shelf above her bed. I go upstairs, and she's scrambling to put it back. Busted. Grabbing for her sheep and stacking her bedding to open the window finally made Daddy decide to give her her own space. She's been sleeping throughout the night most nights and seems to be doing better alone.

     This weekend was the time. Daddy spent the morning rearranging our bedroom and her bedroom. I organized.
It was lunch and then nap time.

     She seemed impressed and confused. She went into our room and when asked where her bed was, she didn't know. She loved that she had Frozen wall decals, ALL her books, and the big chair.
     She wanted me to sit in her chair and wait for her after her book. When she was reading, I snuck out. She eventually had a 2 hour nap - I had to go wake her up around 4. She's currently up there with Daddy. Will tonight be a sleep through the night night? Will I have to stumble down the hall and over a baby gate to comfort her?

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