Wednesday, March 25, 2015


     I decided to get crafty and make some sibling diaper shirts. Thankfully, I found a 24 month one at Toys R Us. Kaelynn will out grow it, but it can be tucked into pants or a skirt.
     The diaper shirts were white, so I had to dye them. Not too hard or time consuming. Just messy when a big belly is in the way.
After getting washed and dried, I was all set to paint. I traced the pictures and then cut it all out to make a stencil. I used chalk to trace the stencil onto the shirts.
I used a yellow paint marker, but they didn't show up over the red and black shirts. If I had white on hand, I would have done that first. In the end, I used my gold. Now it has a pretty sparkle to it.

     Kaelynn LOVES Batman. When I was tracing them onto paper she was getting so excited. She watches Justice League almost every night and makes us sing the theme song.

     After pictures of her holding the shirts, she wanted to wear it. She is the BAT!

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