Saturday, February 15, 2014

First birthday

     It's been a crazy busy 3 days of birthday celebration.
     Thursday afternoon we got together with grandpa and had a birthday lunch and cake pickup. Afterwards, we went around picking up last minute party things: balloons, helium, babygate that was on sale.
Grandpa got her a most Canadian book (I want my hat back) and I got a copy of The Paperbag Princess. We came home, had a nap and started to get ready for the at home festivities.
     In the morning, I started off by baking cupcakes. One box of devils food and one box of white. The white ones I swirled food colouring in. After they were cool, I hollowed them out and put them away in a safe spot.
     Around noon, my mom, little brother and his girlfriend came over.
We opened gifts (a TY unicorn and Share Bear). Eric and his girlfriend left, and we had dinner (lasagna and bread and salad). I clearly didn't think anything through. We had cake and then presents from the family. In between, she had a quick bath. She loved her cupcake and didn't even try the icing. I'm a little sad she didn't face plant in her boob cake. She was unsure about it, even after we broke it up.
     Thankfully, she didn't get a sugar high...but was still awake until midnight. I'm blaming the full moon.

     I was up early to make eggs benedict for friends that were coming over to help me set up. Good thing I had already decorated. Streamers and balloons all over.
    Around noon friends started to arrive. A few friends couldn't make it due to illness, but it was a full on baby invasion.
     There were a lot of snacks, talking, not a lot of crying babies. Some of my friends came, Jake's aunt and cousin, and Kaelynn's babies.
     She received lots of clothes and thoughtful gifts. She is so lucky to have so many people that care about her.
     I can't even really put into words this weekend..and it's not over yet. Tomorrow we have a bridal shower for a wedding that we are in this summer.
    Next post will have pictures when we get them back. I have 2 lovely friends that have amazing cameras.
Baby Invasion

Every one is busy prepping

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