Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Other people's children

     This past weekend was a go go go kind of weekend : 3 days of birthday and a bridal shower. The bridal shower is what brings me to this post. Every mother should be concerned about their own child, not what any other child is doing.
     We left our house around 11am and I had hoped for a car nap, but that never happened. When we arrived at our destination, she was awake and curious.
     The hostess offered to let Kaelynn sleep in her bed surrounded by pillows. I said " no thank you, she doesn't sleep alone". Plus, pillows won't keep my child in a bed, but I kept that to myself. She then commented that she was working with a 4 month old girl in daycare and got her to have 2 naps a day. That's all well and good, but that child is in a familiar space, familiar face, and is 4 months old. Mine has already had a busy weekend, in a new space, new faces and is 1 year old (already has some what of a routine).
     Everything was going well, people were showing up. She was walking around the floor close to me and my friends. The hostess kept coming up and getting in her face. Baby girl kept getting visibly upset and off she would go again. A family member of hers was there with a 6 month old girl. She kept fawning over her saying things like "oooh you just love people". I kept thinking "people she knows".
     Around 3pm, she started to get really fussy. Thank heavens for the Ergo.I strapped her in and bounced her asleep. Believe me. I got some weird looks from a room full of women/mothers.
     I was also told from the bride that she told the hostess that I breastfeed (after meeting her, I understood why she was told). Hostess was apparently so concerned that I would be flashing people. One of my best friends that was with us tends to show more cleavage daily that what I do when feeding. Good thing Kaelynn was so concerned with everything else going on and was not having anything to do with feeding - she made up for that once we got home.

     Moral of my rant: we are all women and adults and mothers. Relax. Breathe. The saying "mother knows best" is true...if you're the mother of the child.
     Stop the judging. Stop the looks. Stop trying to control situations that will not concern you at the end of the day.

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