Tuesday, February 18, 2014


     I have always strived to be organized but have never done the follow through. I would start something and then get bored or distracted. Since becoming a mom and having house mates, things have gotten better.
     The first step was a joke with my guy. I'm the one that does everything & got fed up. I said I would get a label maker and make him put his own things away. DONE. I bought a label maker that week from Staples and started to get to work. His dresser, Kaelynn's dresser, kitchen cupboards and even light switches. I pulled it out again and labeled some bins on the toy shelf.
    However, I just got made fun of for labeling what goes in what bin. I resisted the urge to take a pic of what toy belongs in what spot. It's neat and "organized" now. This way everything can get put back in its place and is easily sight inventoried.

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