Saturday, February 1, 2014

"That" mom

     I always knew I would be "that" mom, the sentimental mom that wants to remember everything. I just never knew to what extent it would do.
     We are 14 days away from Kaelynn turning one. Time really has flown and I am trying my best to make sure I have things to physically hold from when she was little.
     When she was 10 weeks old, I made a salt dough ornament of her foot. Every 10 weeks after, I made a new one. Today we just did her 50 week (give or take a bit) foot print. I bake them, finish letting them dry in the air, paint them alternating colours and glaze them.
     Everyday, I feel like I take a million pictures of her. I ordered a SnapFish photo book for her birthday: a book of firsts. I hope to order one every year. Picking 20 pictures out of 2,000 is hard.

     I feel like everything I do will make a great keepsake for her as we both grow up.

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