Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Learning and Development

     I feel like Kaelynn has a lot of toys, but not a lot at the same time. She prefers to play with everything she's not supposed to have: shoes, plasticware, diapers, cords, etc.
     She has a basket of toys in our bedroom and a toy organizer in the living room. Her favourite type of toys is anything she can destroy or nest in.
     For Christmas she got K Kid's Hungry Pelican and Lamaze's My First Fish bowl. The pelican isn't used much, but she loves to put things in its belly (has not figured out that he "eats" them). The fish bowl is used daily. Everything goes in it.
The fish are all different, to help her senses (even the pelican food is different).

     If I were to buy another baby a toy, this would be it. I'm even going to keep it when she's older. It's cute and interactive and interesting.

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