Sunday, January 12, 2014

Going fishing

     I was shown a recipe by a friend and I was curious. A Sunday morning seemed like the perfect time to try it out.
     Everything I had on hand already, even a food processor (once I figured out how it worked).
     The basic idea is smoosh the flours, spices, cheese and butter (I used olive oil margarine) together. I wrapped it all up and kept it in the fridge 30 mins.
     When it came to rolling it out, I failed. I had greater success at pressing it down. J had to show me how it was done. We each made a batch then.
     The only small cookie cutter in the house was a star from a Kinder egg. It worked quite well, even if I wanted kitties and piggies and tea pots (I'm sure they're still around somewhere from the move).
     They taste almost identical to the real deal (maybe add more spice or salt?). They are everyday ingredients and the most expensive item is the cheese.
The recipe says it makes about 100 crackers, but that depends on thickness and the size of the cutter. J made the last batch and made a large square with the leftovers instead of rolling it out again, but even so, we have a nice bowl full.

     If you're feeling like trying something new to bake, I suggest these gold (star) fish crackers.

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