Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cold day, warm muffins

It's a chilly day. The kind where it calls for oatmeal. I know Kaelynn doesn't really like the texture of I made muffins.
Yesterday on Facebook, someone posted Blender Muffins. Yum! I had to make them.

I ended up using the Baby Bullet to make the oats a fine powder, the blender wasn't cutting it (haha). I put all the ingredients (including some flax seed) into the blender. Unfortunately, our blender is tiny, 3 cups tiny. I put everything in a metal bowl and potato mashed it.
They cooked for 20 mins and were delicious. The recipe says it makes 10, I made 12. They were so good, Kaelynn ate 2 and is now mooching her dad's.

The link isn't cooperating, but copy/paste always works :

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