Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Play group

     Finally, this afternoon I decided we should go to play group and meet more babies. Health Canada has issued a cold warning for this week, but we bundled up. I chose today because I had hoped for not a lot of people - less stimulating.
     We got all ready and daddy walked us there. It was chilly, but doable.
We get there, after a 15 min walk, only to realize we could have cut across the schools play ground.
     Daddy leaves and we go in. It was strange from the beginning.
     There were 3 mommys and babies. They all knew eachother.
We introduced ourselves, but nothing was reciprocated. Kaelynn just wandered around and touched all the toys. She was really in love with a pink baby carriage. She could push it AND put things in it. Her 2 favourite things. There was a ride upon helicopter and she put herself on and off.
     Another woman came in with a little boy (9mths) and we sat with them.
The other moms talked about their childrens food and sleep and going back to work. I felt weird. They all formula feed, give cows milk and have jobs to go to. One woman affords a live in nanny, who cooks and cleans. One woman who spends almost $2,000 a month on daycare and will eventually be sending her son to Montessori school . It was like listening to another world. I now know how non breastfeeding moms feel when all the boobs are whipped out.
     We might go back, we should go back. Kaelynn needs friends (or at least being social with other littles).

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