Monday, January 6, 2014

Birthday prep

     Kaelynn's birthday is about a month away & I am making her a booby smash cake. I've never been good at making/decorating cakes. Today, I made 2 test cakes.
     I used a Meyer lemon from Kaelynn's tree and some custard cups. 2 mini cakes were made- one to taste and one to decorate. Tasted good. Decorating was another matter.
     The icing I made was a tad too runny, so the areola colour ran. I redipped the cake and waited. Unsure of how I would do the nipple, I used a pink Smartie. Real cake time, I will make a ball of cake dipped in icing. I tried to make flesh colour with neon food colouring - success? For her smash cake, I will buy premade icing, I feel it won't be runny.

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