Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More physio therapy

     This morning, we braved the cold to go to her physiotherapy appointment. I had hoped it would be her last, but we go back in 2 months.
     We discussed her past ultrasound and it was the same as the technician told us: the muscles are slowly thickening and straightening. Doctor Davidson just came back from a torticollis conference and they suggested a type of noxious stimulus.
     Introducing the TOT COLLAR. I've found little information on how effective it is, more information is on its design. I was given a prescription so I could call the company to get a cost quote and see if insurance covers it. The doctors know it's not for anyone. When I first saw the picture that she showed me when explaining it, I was meh. And after hearing that it's basically a baby shock collar, I am more unimpressed. I will discuss with her dad.
     Where I stand now, the answer is no. It was also noticed that when she stands she is straighter than when she sits. Baby on the go will constantly be on the go, if need be. And when sitting, we can promote straight head just by righting her, like we have been.

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