Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

     Tonight was Halloween. It was super fun.
      Daddy decorated the drive way and I took Kaelynn out. Daddy, his friend Aaron, and Aunt Sarah scared children and handed out candy. Daddy said "the screams fueled him" - weirdo. Halloween is the only holiday he really likes, so I guess that's acceptable.
     I made our Halloween costumes and made the masks for the scarecrows in the driveway: one for Aaron and one for a dummy. I was really happy when people knew who we were supposed to be. Daddy said I chose something "obscure", but I think it was cool. Another mother gave me a high five because it was awesome and she had just introduced her daughter to Rainbow Brite. A garage of 3 guys around my age knew who we were before we got there. They were so excited and gave extra candy. As we got further down the street, I could still hear them talking about Rainbow Brite.
     We were given extra candy because Kaelynn was so cute. I asked her to say please (peaaaas) and thank you (yoooou *with big puckered lips). One woman even told her to pick all she wanted, we were there a while. We hit almost all the houses in our complex that had their lights on before arriving home again. Some houses even warned us about "the scary house around the corner". I thanked them and said we lived there. They loved it- cute costumes and a scary house.
     We came home. Watched some Curious George and had warm drinks before a warm bubble bath. We split a fun size package of Smarties and went to bed. She has been asleep a while, daddy and his friend are playing video games and I am about ready to pass out.

     Happy Halloween!! I hope it was safe for everyone! <3

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