Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All about daddy

     A friend from Saskatchewan is back in town and came for a visit today (and tomorrow). Her, Kaelynn, daddy and I took a trip out of the house together. And today was all about daddy.
     Daddy rode in the back seat of the car with her, and wasn't the one to put her in her carseat. Daddy was the one pushing her in the cart while mommy and friend looked at shorts. Daddy was the one giving her French fries when we had lunch. Daddy was the one to buy her a new toy. Daddy was the one that spent all last night pushing her in a tiny wagon.
     Instead of getting crappy take out, we hit up Dennys for a bum change and lunch. She was chair dancing and stabbing my ice cubes with my straw. Random old women came over to talk yo her, say she was a good girl, and they didn't even know a baby was in the restaurant with them. She loved her French fries and the lemon wedge from my water.
     Wal-Mart did not have the fish food my friend needed, so we stopped in at PetsMart. She was loving looking at all the fish and the HUGE cats. When our cats go to the Rainbow bridge, we're thinking about fish. She helped carry the container of fish food to the cash- tripping a few times and even putting it in the shopping baskets at the end of each aisle. When we got to the cash, she grabbed a pink raccoon dog toy and was in love with it. She laughed every time she squeezed it. Daddy forked out $2.25 in change for it, and said he would regret it later if she kept squeezing it. Unlike toys made for babies (Sophie) that she can't make squeak, she can make it squeak.
    I have a feeling she's decided to drop to one nap a day. Even though we were gogogo, there was time at 11am to nap like normal..but she didn't. She didn't nap until 6pm, and then I woke her up for late dinner. She was back asleep after playing in bed with us at 8-9pm...and now I must move her so I can snuggle in.

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